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The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has brought many challenges and shifts in routines for many all across the nation. One of the major shifts that this pandemic has created was the immediate need for access to information remotely, as many were forced to start working from home. With employees suddenly being dispersed without preparation, heightened attention was brought to finding effective solutions for connecting dispersed team members and customers. It didn’t take much time for the world to see that virtual learning was the answer. With the internet being a necessity in today’s technologically advanced population it only makes sense to deliver vital employee information there, too. 

Designing Digitally wants to help during this time by helping others gain as much knowledge as possible over remote learning solutions, L&D, as well as understanding the differences between eLearning and traditional, instructor-led, training methods. In addition, we want to ensure trust that we are experts in our industry, and partners you can trust with your remote learning needs and help you understand the different options available to you.

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Our team has compiled detailed research to share extensive information on some of the industry’s biggest topics in our White Papers and eBooks. Some of our most popular publications include:


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The Designing team Digitally has created multiple infographics to help illustrate knowledge from our research and personal training experiences. Some of our recent pieces include:

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