Outsourcing Your Online Training Needs

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Outsourcing Your Online Training Needs

Many companies worldwide choose to outsource their online learning developments, as some establishments cannot meet all the demands needed to complete work in-house. Finding the right learning vendor for your specific requirements can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what items are required and are not familiar with the qualification process.  

To help you with this, Designing Digitally compiled a checklist that can be used as a guide to help you through the selection process. This can help ensure you find a vendor that can deliver the best-fit training solutions to align with your learning objectives and create the results you expect.

Learning Focus

Find a vendor that emphasizes adult learning principles and understands the different approaches to training delivery that are available to solve your challenges.

Experience Level

Select an eLearning development partner with at least a decade of experience who has witnessed the significant technological advancements that have impacted online learning.

Project Management

Choose a vendor that utilizes a collaborative project management system and can provide resources to show the followed processes and procedures throughout course development. Find out how you will get notified of progress and important updates and ensure a concrete system to allow free conversation on the project between members.

Capabilities of the Team

Know the capabilities of an online learning company and its team members. Check the qualifications of members who have been a part of the company for at least three years to learn their level of expertise and experience.

References and Testimonials

Find an eLearning partner with a strong history of clientele and request references and testimonials from their previous partnerships. Ensure that trusting relationships were established with clients and that they hold the ability to meet expectations. 

Previous Work Samples

Select a vendor that offers samples of the previous work they have done. Inquire about case studies, prototypes, and other resources to gain insight on quality standards and the different approaches to learning they have taken in the past.


Work with a company that understands the importance of a timeline and meeting deadlines. Gather information on the track record for the vendor and their ability to meet set timelines for previous learning solution developments.

Training Needs Analysis

Work with an eLearning vendor that devotes time and energy to understanding your individual training needs. Ensure they conduct a training needs analysis to know your business challenges and goals and provide practical suggestions based on the results.  

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Who Can Benefit from Outsourcing?

Now that we have gone through some of the major ways to help you identify how to find the perfect vendor for your online learning needs, let’s talk about some of the people that can benefit from working with an online learning vendor and outsourcing training developments. If you are familiar with any of these challenges, eLearning is something you should consider.

Learning Gaps

Online learning vendors can help those who see skills, knowledge, and performance gaps within their employees and current training strategies.

Unidentified Learning Objectives

Outsourcing eLearning is excellent for anyone unsure of what learning objectives need to be targeted in courses or need help to determine the best delivery methods.

High Volumes or Multiple Locations

Online learning solutions are very beneficial to companies with a high volume of employees who need training or have dispersed team members across multiple locations. 

Lack of In-house Resources

Partnering with an eLearning company for L&D efforts can be extremely helpful for companies that do not have all the necessary resources or skills to create the training developments in-house.

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Outsourcing work to an online learning professional can help organizations see a higher return on investment and more impact from training efforts that align with business goals. 

High Training Costs and Durations

eLearning is perfect for those who need to reduce the overall expenses related to training developments and would like to shorten the amount of training time required for each individual. 

Ways to Deliver Online Training

Lastly, it is essential to know what options are available with eLearning to ensure you provide the proper training for your needs. Here are some of the most commonly used methods to provide training to employees online.

Traditional eLearning

eLearning platforms can be accessed from anywhere, eliminating the need for classroom presence. eLearning reduces costs, provides lesson consistency, enables self-paced learning, and raises employee engagement levels. It is also referred to as web-based learning or computer-based learning at times.


Training simulations are a form of eLearning designed to allow high interactivity and custom-made to fit your specific business and employee development goals. You can provide simulations from different platforms, such as a desktop or virtual reality. This learning solution offers an immersive experience that keeps the learner focused by mimicking real-life situations safely until mastery.

Serious Games

Serious games, or game-based eLearning courses, are among the most effective training delivery methods for corporate education. This is because people typically learn best through play. When you add games and gamification to your learning platform, you engage and motivate employees to discover and apply information while playing without boring them. Serious games increase employee productivity by balancing learning outcomes with fun and entertainment.

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Mobile Learning Courses and Apps

Mobile learning courses and apps are more flexible types of eLearning. Mobile learning allows users to access the training material from their handheld devices, like mobile phones or tablets. This gives them the freedom to learn on their own time, at their speed, and selectively procure training content for areas where they feel their knowledge is weaker.


There are many types of online training methods that can help reach your learning and development goals, but you don’t have to determine that alone. If you require a partner who can help you with your employee training needs that will go and above and beyond to exceed your expectations with a custom solution, we would love to talk with you. Get in touch with our team today to talk more about outsourcing your eLearning needs and how we can grow your business through L&D!

Please note this article was updated by our team on 4/27/2021.