Overcoming Business Barriers with eLearning

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eLearning is not just about presenting training content online to your employees. When delivered correctly, it plays a significant role in addressing business challenges and overcoming barriers.

Here are some common challenges business face. Let’s find out how online learning can fix them.

#Challenge 1: Your employees are not engaged.

This is a prevalent problem with most organizations. Their employees are not engaged in the traditional training they receive. There can be so many reasons for this. Learners may not find the content relevant to their role, the subject matter may be either too easy or too hard, or employees may not find it interesting. They could also be disengaged because they are forced to stretch their work hours in order to complete the training alongside their daily tasks.

eLearning solutions can remedy some of these barriers to engagement. Online learning is not time or venue bound. Your employees can decide when they wish to learn and from where. So, they do not have to stretch their working hours. They can finish their regular work and learn from the comforts of their home. Plus, they can choose their learning path based on what they wish to learn. If they feel that some of the topics in a module are not relevant for them, they can skip through those sections. Basically, the freedom to choose resides with the learner. This autonomy motivates them to take ownership of their learning.

#Challenge 2: Your employees are not productive enough.

Your organization’s bottom-line depends on employee productivity. Productivity can be low for several reasons. You need to figure out the exact causes in order to solve it. Here is how eLearning can help you enhance the productivity of your learners.

  • Online learning solutions make it easier to train your employees with new skills. It aims to bridge the gap that is hampering productivity. The learners can practice their skills and retake the courses as many times they wish to. Once they are confident with their newly learned skills, they can take up new projects and excel in them.
  • Online learning provides easy access to information. The learning resources are stored in your database or Learning Management System (LMS). Employees do not have to waste time searching through handouts and PowerPoint decks to find the relevant information they need. Employees can save a lot of time and effort this way, and spend it on their work instead.
  • eLearning enables your employees to gain new skills and knowledge. This equips them to advance on the career ladder. They feel motivated and valued. The happier they are, the more engaged they are with their jobs. And, engaged learners are productive employees.

#Challenge 3: You are not sure if your employees are learning.

Attending a classroom training is not an indicator of learning. Your employees may have attended all the lectures and discussions, but are they ready to apply them? There is not much opportunity to test learners. eLearning solutions, on the other hand, include quizzes and hands-on learning activities. Your employees can take assessments at the end of every topic. For a deeper assessment, you can ask them to solve case studies based on the knowledge they have gained. Some training programs even encourage learners to participate in online forums to discuss their learning.

If you wish, you can designate a minimum passing percentage. That way, the learners will be more attentive during the course because they know that they will have to retake the course if they do not achieve a passing score. So, in eLearning, there is a process to evaluate the learners with meaningful metrics.

#Challenge 4: Your employees forget what they learned after the training is over.

Learners forget almost 90% of their newly-obtained knowledge within a week of attending a training. To say this is “annoying” is an understatement! Traditional training requires a significant investment. You have already spent money to train your employees. Now, if you have to retrain them on the same concepts, it is a sheer waste of resources. This problem can be resolved to some extent with the help of eLearning. Since the course material is available online, you do not need to invest in arranging a retraining for the learners. They can access the information they have forgotten any time they want. In fact, if they have access to relevant information at the time of need, they retain it better. They can apply the concepts learned immediately at their workplace. If they get stuck, they know that they can go back to the resource.

We create custom elearning solutions designed specifically for your training objectives. Our courses ensure strong retention of information and provide innovative ways to change learner behaviors. Each learning ecosystem developed by Designing Digitally is tailored to the customer’s eLearning specifications and needs.

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