Pass on Presentations: Excitement with Elearning

Designing Digitally


At one point in our lives, we have all sat through one of those drawn-out, mind-numbingly boring PowerPoint presentations that put half of the audience to sleep. In these situations, there is usually very little excitement in the room because the interactions are very limited. While the intentions are there, it simply does not stimulate us enough to be able to absorb all the information efficiently. In fact, most of these types of learning experience are so easily forgettable that they’re being phased out of corporate culture completely.

Death by PowerPoint

After all, the main reason to give a training session is to inspire those in attendance to take some type of action afterwards based on their newly reinforced knowledge. For that to happen, the learners have to feel engaged, inspired and connected to the message being delivered. In other words, the presentation has to be a learning experience that actually matters; no matter what the objective. That’s why so many organizations are now embracing blended learning and web based training.

Create Scenarios to Relate to the Audience

Web-based training has a completely different feel because it is designed to create numerous levels of direct interaction and engagement. From the very beginning, users are drawn in with smart, engaging instructions that are custom-designed for the audience. Even when they dive right into the content without instruction, there are many concepts in play to draw the audience in and capture their attention. For instance, interactive knowledge checks, animated assessments and immediate feedback.

By making users feel like they are a direct part of the learning process, studies have shown that this can boost learning potential up to 28 times higher than in conventional learning methods. That’s because people have vastly different learning potentials that traditional education can’t always cater to. Some forms of instruction do have higher success rates than others, but web based training can eliminate this problem by combining some of the most popular learning models into a fun, interactive learning opportunity.

Get the Learners Directly Involved

Think about teaching a teenager how to drive a motor vehicle. No matter how often they are told to ease off the brakes and gently press the gas pedal in a classroom setting, it takes those first few attempts actually behind the wheel for them to really grasp the concept. While most people can understand why getting learners physically involved can have such a huge impact on learning, this concept is often disregarded when it comes to presentations.

When we create genuine learning experiences for our clients, the presentation feel is completely stripped away. Regarding the example above, we would create an ultra-realistic simulation that places that student behind the wheel, instructs them from a peer perspective and actually allows them to gain hands-on experience in the safety of the simulation. This learning model thrives in almost every industry because the student receives plenty of feedback while being directly involved throughout the process.

Employing eLearning Solutions

At Designing Digitally, Inc., we create custom Serious Games, Training Simulations and eLearning solutions that will engage your audience, get them motivated and allow them to experience your concepts firsthand. To request a free quote or to find out more about creating genuine learning experiences for your company, please feel free to call us at 866-316-9126 or get in touch through our contact form. We are always happy to help.