Performance Support on Mobile Devices

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There has been a lot of talk about how the emergence of performance support on mobile devices will transform how employees learn and access information on the job. This is simplifying the way users access information and how they learn from it. That’s because mobile performance support is built to be more accessible and much easier for the average employee to understand. Within the next few years, training tools like textbooks, training charts and employee information sheets could all become a thing of the past.

What is Mobile Performance Support?

Performance support is a type of learning tool that can help employees achieve a higher level of proficiency within the workplace at the moment of need. This can also apply to traditional learning methods such as employee handbooks, seminars or other training methods. Performance support on a mobile device takes all of these concepts a step further, however, by allowing this training material to be more easily accessed literally anywhere, at any time.

Mobile Performance Support

Today, some businesses have refined performance support to also include communication abilities, so employees can ask questions or add relevant information in real time. There are also numerous engagement metrics involved so companies can monitor their training software in real time and make updates/changes whenever necessary.

Performance Support & Mobile Devices

By making content compatible across Android, iOS, Windows and several other popular operating systems, employees can access vast amounts of information while on the go, when they need it. From allowing a cook to get instructions on a new recipe to helping a sales rep educate a client at a business luncheon, the training applications are almost endless.

While performance support should be broken down into much smaller bits of information for smartphone and tablet usage, it also gives developers a chance to create a much more customized learning experience as well. Through responsive design, developers can ensure a smooth, functional experience for users that presents the information in a quick, accessible way. Also, numerous gamification aspects are now being tied into mobile support to create incentives to complete the learning experience, and learning management systems allow for ever more precise feedback about the end-user’s learning preferences.

The Future of Mobile Performance Support

The Bring Your Own Device revolution that has swept across the nation has all but guaranteed that mobile performance support will play a strong part in the future of corporate learning. The ability to educate the workforce on a global scale, and give feedback in real-time, simply offers too many benefits over traditional performance support methods. Thousands of corporations have already adopted these practices into their training regimens and there is no limit on future growth. As long as it continues to save money, educate and increase productivity, mobile performance support is here to stay.

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