How to Personalize Employee Training and Development Strategies

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How to Personalize Employee Training and Development Strategies

Employers are battling to keep high-skilled staff in this ever-changing technological world. What's the best way of keeping your employees happy and decreasing turnover rates? Maintaining the gears of your well-oiled company, your employees must grow too. Offering the opportunity for personal learning paths is a great step towards a successful learning platform.

Today's workforce adapts quickly and incorporates learning as part of their daily routine. It's so much easier to learn when you have information at your fingertips. To make sure your staff is happy, get to know them better. Find out what makes them tick and offer them personalized incentives to stick around. Incorporate small, actionable learning opportunities into the workforce. This way, your employees will stay engaged and feel challenged.

Ways to personalize learning paths

  • Through everyday learning

  • Introducing microlearning modules

  • Providing relevant information

  • Making use of technology

  • Collecting, analyzing and implementing data

Make sure to let your employees know how these personal learning paths will help them in their careers. Emphasize the real-world benefits and help them see the positive outcomes. Your employees will become engaged when they realize the real impact this online training will have on their work. They'll reach goals faster and will even provide feedback on improving the process.

Everyday Learning

As specified, everyday learning is an essential part of personalized learning. By including small learning tasks every day, you'll keep employees from becoming overwhelmed. They'll still have time for their work tasks and enjoy learning tidbits of information that makes their work easier, faster, and more efficient.

Go Micro

Since you're trying to put in place a daily learning habit, cutting down to size is important. Instead of sending out whole lessons, go micro. You'll need to concentrate information into small modules and deliver them throughout the day. Make this content available through multiple platforms and include multimedia files. This strategy will make learning manageable and interesting.

Provide Relevant Information

Beware of feeding everyone the same information. You can offer unique modules for your content team, IT squad, and marketing department. Alternatively, your chosen platform can allow the user to proceed in a self-directed manner. But, if you promise to customize, make sure you keep your word. A computer programmer won't have the same educational interests as a designer.

Give your employees full access to the learning platform. They will not only feel free to learn on their own time, but they'll appreciate the tailored content appearing on their screens. This will also make it easy and pleasurable for your employees to keep learning. If they can apply it in their work right away, you're doing it right.

Use Technology

With the plethora of applications and online platforms available today, the sky's the limit. You have an abundance of options to choose from to personalize employee learning. The platform you choose must:

  • Include xAPI

  • Be mobile-friendly

  • Give instant feedback

  • Give appropriate suggestions

  • Have data analytics capabilities

You should be able to curate the content you want to use in your employees' personalized learning paths. This will help them stay engaged, make them feel like the course is made just for them, and inspire them to keep going. An app that works across multiple platforms will allow your staff to learn on the go, in their own time.

Check the Data

Provided you chose an optimal platform, the resulting data should reveal tons of information about the learners. You'll be able to see which modules work and which don't. You can then optimize the content for a better learning experience.

Hopefully, you've enabled learner feedback. This portion of the app has high-value. Engaging with the staff through feedback groups, comments, or one-on-one will allow for quick changes. The closer you moderate each personal learning path, the closer you and your employees will be to success.


Starting a culture of ongoing learning in your company can be difficult, but it's a path full of satisfaction, efficiency, and growth. Start by learning more about how to personalize employee training. Then, learn what your staff needs and how they learn best. Next, construct your plan. You can now search for the best platform that fits your employees’ learning styles and skill levels. Run a test trial and see what you uncover. With those results you can continue to change, evolve, and optimize your platform.

And, if you need expert help, don't hesitate to send us a direct email or request a free consultation. We'll teach you how to personalize learning and help get your business on the fastest path to success!