Playing To Win – Serious Work Games According To CNN

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"We will transform the way we train people by giving real-time access via their smartphone, tablet or laptop to this 'gamification' concept to heighten and speed up learning and training at all levels."

That, according to technology forecaster Daniel Burrus, is one of the main points to ponder for the future of business and one of the big firework explosions in an amazing article we found on CNN about serious games and mobile learning. It’s a very exciting time for our industry, as the proliferation of gaming, the appreciation for mobile apps and all they can accomplish, and the ascendancy of technology in the workplace are all coming together and giving the collective business world an epiphany about what IS possible with the virtual world for the future of Business. And we’ve known it all along.

When major news players like CNN are able to cover our industry and report on practical insights and potentials, you know that a tipping point has been reached. It’s taken a bit of time – since the 1930s in Russia when a war game was adapted for their business practices according to the article – but we’re seeing interest and enthusiasm from both the education and economic worlds about the use of serious games and mobile applications for eLearning. People are experiencing the “light bulb” moment of insight that is needed for real transformation to occur.

A few of the sparkling “revelations” in the CNN article include:

  • "’Games can be an amazing leadership tool,’ says Steffen Lofvall, senior consultant at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). ‘And there are quite a few studies documenting that you learn at a deeper level when you add the digital element,’ he says.”
  • “At CBS, there is a focus on expanding the use of games in their masters and executive programs. Currently twenty games are being used or have the potential to be used; some are virtual strategy games while others are simple board games like ‘The Leadership Casino,’ which challenges the leadership abilities of the students. After the first semester of use the games resulted in an average class improvement of 14% and an 8% improvement in the perception of the leader, according to CBS.”
  • “In a study on the link between education and employment, global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company suggested that serious game simulations could become the apprenticeship of the 21st century. It says games and simulations can offer detailed, practical and real-world scenarios to large numbers at relatively low cost. ‘The future of hands-on learning may well be hands-off,’ the report notes.”

We are delighted and super excited to see serious games, eLearning and mobile learning being reported upon with deep understanding and vision by vetted and respected news organizations like CNN. It’s a very exciting time to be in our industry, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with both academic and business organizations that want to take their organizations to the next level of evolution and efficiency. If you’re ready to get going with various eLearning applications for your enterprise, please contact Designing Digitally, Inc. and we’ll answer all your questions succinctly and professionally. We’re here for you in the 21st century!