Questions to Ask Before Opting for Custom eLearning Content Development

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eLearning Content Development

With custom eLearning, you can incorporate organization specific content in the course. You can incorporate everything that reflects the brand and identity of your company, starting with the user interface. Your employees will be able to relate to the content, if you use scenarios and examples that are organization specific.

You can either develop the learning in-house or hire a professional custom learning partner. In either situation, you need to address the following questions.

What is the learning objective?

The learning objective is the most important decision that needs to be made. And it needs to be determined before the process begins. A thorough needs analysis will determine the training needed to best fit your company. The objective is the driving force behind the scope of the project. Once the learning objective is decided and agreed upon, you can move forward with the rest of the process. The objective may be based on what you want the end result or outcome of the training to be. Do you want the learners to gain knowledge about a process or product? Do you want them to learn a skill? Do you want them to solve a problem? You also need to know if there is already existing training on the topic. If yes, then what are the obstacles to it? Answering these basic questions will provide a clear path on the way forward. Do not delay the answers to these basic questions if you want the development process to be smooth and to result in the outcomes you desire.

Who is the target audience?

The next important factor to determine is the target audience. Who are your learners? What is their profile? Are they tech savvy? Do they prefer accessing the course on-the-go? Will they prefer a content based course or video and simulation based training? If you can figure out the preference of the learners, you will be able to design a course that is more relatable to them, which enhances learner engagement.

What are the time and cost considerations?

The timeline is crucial. Ideally, there should not be any slippage on the deadline, unless there are major changes or any unforeseen circumstances. The project plan should factor in time for feedback and revisions. If the deadline is tight, the chances of making changes are fewer.

The cost of the eLearning will depend on how the content is being developed, the interactivities and customization involved, and the resources assigned to it. Costing should be done after all details like project goals, content, job roles, and so on are determined. There can be changes during the process and the costing needs to be adjusted accordingly. The available budget determines the initial scope of the training.

What should be the instructional and deployment strategy?

Once the content is analyzed, the next step is to decide the instructional strategy for presenting it. There are numerous ways to present a concept: storytelling, scenario-based, videos, interactive simulations, gamification, and so on. Your decision will be based on the answers to the previous questions. You  need to decide on the most apt way of delivering it. This decision will be based on how you want to track the progress of the learners and the audience size.

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