Reasons To Hire An eLearning Consultant

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Reasons To Hire An eLearning Consultant

If you've decided that investing in the growth of your business is a top priority, knowing how to approach the issue can be troublesome. The lack of experience in specific areas can hurt you in the long run if you don't have the right experts. When it comes to educating your staff further, you can't go wrong by hiring an eLearning consultant.

To start things off, we have to assess what an eLearning consultant is and how they can help your business grow. An eLearning consultant is an experienced individual who will offer guidance and support in creating your learning management system as well as the courses themselves. There are two main types of eLearning consultants:

  • Internal Consultants are individuals that you employ to help you with guidance on how to grow your business. These are internal employees hired and on your company’s payroll. They offer in-house assistance for planning and managing your development strategies.

  • External Consultants are outside individuals hired to elevate your business and can work with you for a set time or by the project. They are the best fit if you don't have any internal experts or want to enhance your in-house capabilities. Many will work with you long-term to ensure what they have implemented is working to your expectations.

How eLearning Consultants Can Improve Your Business

  • Finding new learning technologies – if your current LMS (learning management system) seems dated, a consultant will be able to suggest more up-to-date solutions. They will evaluate them comparative to your needs and determine how to best implement them into your overall business strategy.

  • Course conversion – if you have courses built upon dated technology (for example, if it used Adobe Flash, which is no longer used), a consultant will help you transition to something current. Consultants can also assist you in converting presentation and instructor-led courses to online modules.

  • LMS Administration – making sure that your learning management system is operating as efficiently as possible can be a struggle for your average employee. This is where an eLearning consultant will truly shine by offering their support. They can even operate some form of live support for your clients or employees in some instances.

  • Measuring efficacy – an experienced consultant will be able to quickly ascertain how well your business is doing in the learning and development department. They can assess how well your current programs are doing and further improve them or make them more accessible. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the flaws in such a complex system.

  • Establishing a content development strategy – if you count on various writers to create your learning materials, an eLearning consultant will verify their quality and ensure that they align with your learning objectives. eLearning consultants can also assist with creating fresh content and provide instructional help. 

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Should You Hire an eLearning Consultant?

Now that we've established how an eLearning consultant can help your business, you should evaluate if you genuinely need one. While paying an experienced consultant can be expensive, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Finding the right person for your needs won't be as tricky if you do the appropriate research.


There are no guides or rules to achieve greatness, nor can you just throw money at it until it works. The most crucial factor for success is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your company and staff. Knowing what gaps need filled will be half the battle in the long run, and finding the appropriate consultant will prove easier.

At Designing Digitally, we aim to understand your business challenges and consult with you on improving your company through custom online learning and development. We do various in-depth analyses to ensure the proper KPIs are measured and provide post-training analytics for learning evaluation. We will help you deliver employee training that makes a positive impact and takes your company to the next level.

If you are interested in learning more and talking with one of our experienced team members about how we can help your company develop a quality eLearning strategy, book a consultation today!