Remote Learning List - Learner Engagement Resource Bundle

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Remote Learning List - Learner Engagement Resource Bundle

If you have been following our recent posts at all, you know we have been discussing the impact COVID-19 has had on Learning and Development all over the world. Two of the most urgent challenges this has created have been the increase in remote work and the need for learning and development solutions that can be delivered completely online.

Designing Digitally wants to extend our industry knowledge during this unfamiliar time we are in, and help grow your knowledge base on some of the best ways to provide training and support remotely, by offering some of our favorite resources to you. This week we are highlighting learner engagement. 

We have created a “Learner Engagement Resource Bundle” so you can browse through the following learning tools during your extra time spent at home, in hopes that you’ll learn valuable knowledge to help you advance your training and development efforts.

Learner Engagement Resources

The resources you will receive in the Learner Engagement Resource Bundle include:

eBooks and White Papers

The Value of Engaging Employees in Learning: Everything You Need to Know About Increasing Learner Engagement eBook - Discover why engaging learners in continuing education is an essential step towards the growth and development of any organization.

Serious Games Development in the Modern Workplace: Adding Engaging and Entertaining Elements in Corporate Training eBook - Learn more about the benefits that are gained by implementing games into learning and discover what steps are needed to ensure effective training.  

Game-Based Learning is a Game Changer in Corporate Training White Paper - Find out what game-based learning is, why it is effective, how to start implementing it, and how to combat common challenges in training.

Webinar Recordings

Stop Thinking Like an Instructional Designer, Start Thinking Like a Game Designer - Hear how you can create engaging instruction using game design and discover how games create action and activity. 

How to Create Engaging eLearning Through Visual Design - Gain expert advice and explore different ways to use visual design to enhance eLearning experiences.


The Top 10 Ways to Increase Interactivity & Engagement -  Unlock ways to ensure your training developments are successful and will keep your employees focused and involved. 

Gamification in Corporate Education - Learn the various reasons why companies are taking advantage of this method in their online training strategies.

To get these resources sent straight to your inbox, download your Learner Engagement Resource Bundle today! If you are interested in talking more in-depth about any of these topics or would like to discuss your training needs, book a call with our team today!