Remote Learning List - Online Training Resource Bundle

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Remote Learning List - Online Training Resource Bundle

Over the past few months, people all over the world have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. To make the most of this "new normal" we are all facing, Designing Digitally wants to help by sharing various "Remote Learning Lists" with you over the upcoming weeks. These lists will offer access to resource bundles that can help you to improve employee development and business performance. To make it even better, they can all be viewed remotely, at the time that is best for you - much like online learning! 

Two of the biggest shifts COVID-19 has created have been an increase in remote work and the need for virtual learning and development solutions. So, to kick our Remote Learning Lists off, we have created an “Online Training Resource Bundle” so you can browse through the following learning tools during your extra time spent at home, in hopes that you’ll expand your knowledge and learn new ways to advance your learning and development efforts.

Remote Training and Online Learning Resources

The resources you will receive in the Online Training Resource Bundle include an eBook, 1 white paper, 2 webinar recordings, and 4 infographics. Take a look below for a description of each! 

White Papers and eBooks

eLearning Corporate Training Report: Top Benefits, Trends, & Predictions White Paper - Understand the basics of eLearning and why it’s becoming such a critical lynchpin in many corporate training programs. Gain insight into how eLearning benefits corporate education and learn how to keep up with the top trends and predictions for the future.

Developing a Mobile Learning Solution That Embraces Anytime Anywhere Learning eBook - Gain insight into mobile learning and the benefits gained by the workplace when Anytime Anywhere Learning is implemented. Learn how to measure the effectiveness of this training approach and discover various ways mobile training can be delivered in the workplace, plus much more. 

Webinar Recordings

Creating Effective Online Learning for a Remote Workforce: Tips and Tricks for Instructor-Led Training Conversion - Unlock some of the best secrets to preparing a remote workforce and effectively converting to online training platforms. 

Digital Learning Tips and Tricks from Neuroscience - Discover how the brain responds to digital media and learn what can be done to increase knowledge retention and improve the application of training experiences. 


Effective Online Training for a Remote Workforce - Understand how to successfully transition to a remote workforce and find out different implementation methods for online employee training. 

Tips for Managing Your Remote Workforce - Discern some of the best practices to help ensure you can lead a remote workforce without creating any workplace disruptions. 

Converting Instructor-Led Training to eLearning - Uncover various reasons to switch to eLearning from traditional training methods and learn considerations to keep in mind when starting the conversion process. 

Custom vs. Rapid eLearning - Uncover the advantages that can be gained with custom and rapid eLearning development-in addition to analyzing some of the drawbacks-to help you determine the right choice for your company.


To get these resources sent straight to your inbox, download your Online Training Resource Bundle now! If you are interested in any other resources, keep an eye out for our new bundles each week! If you would like to talk more in-depth about any of these topics or would like to discuss your training needs, we would love to talk! Book a call with our team today!