Remote Learning List - Serious Games and Gamification Resource Bundle

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Remote Learning List - Serious Games and Gamification Resource Bundle

Recently, the Coronavirus crisis has affected individuals and companies from all over the world. This has caused challenges for companies with being able to effectively manage a remote workforce and increased the urgency for virtual employee learning. 

To help you adjust to this “new normal” we are experiencing, Designing Digitally is sharing various “Remote Learning Lists” over the next few weeks. These will offer advice on some of the best ways to improve employee development and business performance. Each list will share a mix of our free resources that you can download as a bundle. The best part is they can all be viewed remotely, at the time that is best for you - much like eLearning!

In this week’s bundle, we are showcasing two of the most effective types of online learning: Serious Games and Gamification. Game-based and gamified training courses can be accessed completely online, and are proven to incentivize learning and increase engagement and motivation. Our team has compiled a Serious Games and Gamification Resource Bundle so you can explore the following learning tools, in hopes that you’ll gain useful information that can help advance your employee training programs and learning outcomes.

Serious Games and Gamification Resources

The resources you will receive in the Serious Games and Gamification Resource Bundle include: 

eBooks and White Papers

Serious Games Development in the Modern Workplace eBook - Learn more about the benefits that are gained by implementing games into learning and discover what steps are needed to ensure effective training. 

Game-Based Learning is a Game Changer in Corporate Training White Paper - Find out more about what game-based learning is, why it is effective, how to start implementing it, and how to combat common challenges in training.

Webinar Recordings

Stop Thinking Like an Instructional Designer, Start Thinking Like a Game Designer - Hear how you can create engaging instruction using game design and discover how games create action and activity.

Gamification vs Game-Based Learning - Dive into each of these topics more and learn the major differences and similarities. 

Serious Games For Corporate Training - Learn the benefits gained with game-based learning and tips on successful implementation and delivery. 

Serious Game Examples - Uncover different ways that Serious Games can be applied to your corporate learning strategies. 


Serious Games for Serious Results - Reasons to Develop Game-Based L&D Programs - Learn the various reasons why companies are taking advantage of this method in their online training strategies.

Gamification in Corporate Education - Learn all about Gamified eLearning and uncover different elements that contribute to learning success.


If you would like to have these resources emailed to you, simply request a Serious Games and Gamification Resource Bundle today! If you are interested in talking more in-depth about any of these resources/topics or would like to discuss your own training needs, book a call with our team today!