Remote Learning List - Training Simulations Resource Bundle

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Remote Learning List - Training Simulations Resource Bundle

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people and businesses all across the globe. Some of the urgent challenges this has created have been companies being able to effectively manage a remote workforce and the need for online training and development solutions. 

As shared in our previous article, Designing Digitally wants to make the most of this unique time we are all in by sharing various “Remote Learning Lists” with you over the next few weeks. These will share insight on some of the best ways to improve employee development and business performance. Each list will include a variety of our free resources that can be delivered via email in a bundle. The best part is they can all be viewed remotely, at the time that is best for you - much like eLearning!

In this week’s bundle, we are highlighting one of the most effective types of online learning: Training Simulations. Simulation courses can be accessed online or through VR platforms, and are proven to offer safer experiential learning opportunities. We have compiled a Training Simulations Resource Bundle so you can explore the following learning tools, in hopes that you’ll learn valuable information to help you advance your employee training programs and learning outcomes.

Online Simulation and Virtual Reality Resources

The resources you will receive in the Training Simulations Resource Bundle include:

eBooks and White Papers

Investing in Simulation Training to Learn in a Safe Environment eBook - Uncover the benefits of simulated learning in comparison to other methods, and see examples of how other companies are taking advantage of immersive training. Learn the best way to minimize expenses and find out what metrics are best for tracking simulation training. 

Transforming Employee Onboarding With an Immersive Virtual Reality Training Solution eBook - Find out what benefits HR managers should know about Virtual Reality in L&D and how to keep up with the current trends. Find out what to consider before implementing a virtual training program as well as how to find the perfect development partner.

Virtual Reality: Changing the Corporate Learning Experience White Paper - Learn about different types of Virtual Reality and the common devices that are used to deliver training. Dive into the many benefits this learning approach brings, and see ways many industries can apply virtual learning into training and development.

Webinar Recording

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Corporate Learning Landscape - Find out the different ways that Virtual Reality is changing the learning experience and see live examples being used by other organizations.


7 Stimulating Advantages of Simulating Business Training - See how simulations eliminate the risk of damages and injuries and increase the amount of interactivity and hands-on learning. Find out how business simulations help overcome the challenges that are commonly found with traditional learning approaches.

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