Resources to Help Prepare Your Remote Workforce

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Resources to Help Prepare Your Remote Workforce

With the recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Designing Digitally wants to offer support to learning and development professionals as you work through unfamiliar workplace challenges and unforeseen obstacles. With companies all over the world struggling to transition to a remote workforce and support dispersed team members, there has been an increased demand to provide effective learning solutions that allow for employee and business development to continue without disruption. 

eLearning has quickly become an effective solution to connect employees and customers that eases many of the problems created from working remotely. There are a number of benefits that online learning offers, which include on-demand access, scalability, cost-effectiveness, as well as company growth, even during major changes such as these that we are now facing.  

Our team at Designing Digitally is here to do our part during this transition, and in response have created some new resources to help assist other companies during these changes seen from Coronavirus. Please explore our newest infographics below, and view a copy of our Capability Statement to get a better understanding of how we can support your training and development, both now and in the future.

Remote Learning Infographics

  1. Effective Online Training for a Remote Workforce

If you are curious about ways to effectively prepare your remote workforce with online training, get a copy of this infographic today for insight into preparing your remote workforce with virtual learning.

  1. Custom Vs. Rapid eLearning

 If you are not sure if rapid or custom eLearning is right for your employee training courses, check out this infographic to expand your knowledge on the different types of eLearning development.

  1. Tips for Managing Your Remote Workforce 

Are you asking yourself, “How can I manage people remotely, and efficiently, without a business disruption?" Download this infographic to learn some tips for working remotely!

Types of Remote Training

  1. Gamified eLearning 

This type of online learning incorporates gamification and reward elements that increase learner engagement and motivation, while still holding the familiarity of traditional eLearning. Take a look at the training course created for Wyndham Hotel Group for a closer look at gamified eLearning.

  1. Serious Games 

This training option delivers learning in an entertaining way as it transforms content into a fun game. Serious Games increase the learners’ drive to do well by using competition and the desire for personal efficacy as driving factors. See how The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association used game-based learning to train their workforce!

  1. Simulations 

Simulated learning experiences are a great way to replicate job situations and environments, without the risk of injuries or wasted products and equipment. This provides real experience before going out on the job, and can be delivered via desktops or virtual reality platforms. Dive into these examples from P&G and a leading pizza chain to see the different options.

  1. Training Videos

This type of training allows users to digest smaller amounts of information in a way that is convenient and preferred in comparison to traditional methods. Videos allow users to learn at their own pace and revisit concepts until retained and mastered. Find inspiration in this example from Checkers and Rally’s customer service training course. 

  1. Mobile Apps 

Mobile learning and app developments provide your workforce with important information at the time of need, regardless of location. This training delivery type is great for on-the-go learning and as-needed training support. Check out how Bridgestone used mobile applications to deliver learning to their workforce. 

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We hope that these tools can guide you during any learning and development challenges you may have and workplace transitions. If you need a bit more assistance and are interested in speaking with our team about eLearning development and how it can benefit your learners, contact our team today. Don’t forget to ask about our special promotions too, and keep an eye out for our eBook on remote training that will be released within the next 2 weeks!