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It’s the end of Q1 and so it seems like just the right time for a bit of a promotional push from our house to your house. That is, from our offices to your offices. We’re talking about eLearning development and serious games that some companies attempt to take on their own to save money on their training initiatives. While we certainly understand the desire and even the need to “pinch pennies” in our oh-so-slowly recovering economy, the old adage – “penny-wise and pound foolish” – comes to mind. Why so? Because one gets what they pay for and when you want professional work done right, you hire professionals to do it. And we’d like to do professional work for your business in the new year, so here goes our appeal to you.

Trying to do write, design, code, host and support an eLearning program such as serious games yourself will save you money up front, but it's certainly not going to give you the ROI you’re looking for once your employees start to use the games - therefore saving you no money at all in the end. We also can’t fail to mention the learning curve that will cost you a bunch of money as you seek to understand eLearning development while several new generations of workers slip through your HR hands without game-based training. Does your team really know the gaming engines? Can your team truly build complex AI technologies to be incorporated into the game? Do you honestly think you have what it takes to realize and develop a full-blown serious game?

Image Courtesy of Fox EntertainmentYou can run a mile, but you probably wouldn’t call yourself a marathon runner. In other words, leave the expert development to the experts.

Designing Digitally, Inc. does this type of project work on a daily basis - it's what we're focused on and what we live to do. Since you already have a 40+ hour job, why try to take on another development that won't turn out like you want it. Indeed, do you want to produce a development that might actually embarrass you when everything is said and done – something that you’ll look back upon and say to yourself, “why did I waste my time trying to do this myself?”

Everyone says they can do serious games, but really, Jeopardy-style games just don't count. We build addictive learning experiences that do more than just incorporate a game into the learning experience; we build a game based around the learning experience. Don't adapt; build serious games from the ground up instead - that's the Designing Digitally, Inc. way!

Ask yourself (or your HR team) if you really have the in-house team to develop both an innovative learning experience and a high-end gaming experience? And when you do decide to work with another company for a project, ask who works there, and what their qualifications are. If your developers say they can do it, and yet are not willing to pitch concept ideas to you ahead of time, run away as fast as you can before you feel obligated to pay for something you don’t really want and certainly did not envision.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we're so confident in our abilities, we will pitch concepts to you to determine what concept is best for your organization. In this way you can see our creativity and choose which game-based learning experience is going to be ideal for your culture. Of course those concepts are still our intellectual property, but we figure you’ll like what you hear well enough to decide to work with us.

Contact us if you want your first time to be a successful implementation of serious games. You’ll most likely only get one chance to introduce this amazing method of training and education into your culture, and if it turns out poorly then your corporate culture will most likely reject similar efforts in the future, stating that they already tried it once and was not impressed. Who wants THAT kind of reaction on their work record, right?