Serious Games for Serious Results

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Serious Games

The use of serious games in corporate training enables employees to experiment with new strategies and approaches in a controlled and safe environment. In the long run, incorporating serious gaming to training programs can promote strategic learning and thinking. This is because following a daily routine can make it difficult for an organization to bring about change. A serious game creates a new environment where employees feel comfortable trying new approaches. This puts an end to current thinking patterns and encourages new ideas. Here are some major benefits of serious games:

Stimulates the Brain

Playing serious games offer several physiological benefits that stimulate the mind while delaying natural aging. Game-based learning is also said to improve cognitive function, boost decision-making skills, and make it easier for people to learn valuable skills.

Applicable to the Real World

Incorporating serious games in training can teach individuals invaluable skills that are applicable in the real world. The interactive environment allows students to practice as much as they need to retain information. Through serious gaming, people can apply the knowledge they have acquired in a simulated situation, which makes the educational process a success with easier application of the learned material.

Boosts Self Esteem

It becomes easier for players to interact with each other and initiate discussions, regardless of social, cultural and generational barriers in a gaming environment. Therefore, promoting serious gaming for training can improve self-esteem issues among individuals who would otherwise be reluctant to interact with their peers and colleagues. This also encourages candidates to experiment with different approaches throughout the learning process.

Immediate Feedback

One of the most notable benefits of serious gaming is employers and teachers are able to receive immediate feedback. This is because these systems feature constant monitoring. This allows professionals who are responsible for implementing the training process to study the performance of learners in great depth.

Permanent Changes

Using serious gaming to train employees and students encourages them to develop and hone their skills steadily over time, thanks to the interactive gaming environment. Serious gaming sessions promote critical thinking and other important skills, such as overcoming criticism, motivation, and observation along with the development of soft skills. This brings about a permanent change in the behavior of employees and their personalities that can benefit the company in the long run.

Interactive Nature

Today, we work with a variety of multimedia devices that have helped us familiarize ourselves with gaming elements such as competitions, levels, badges, rankings, rewards, and achievements. The interactive nature of gaming promotes student engagement as these gaming elements encourage learning in a fun way. This is highly suitable and blends well with the lifestyle of new generations, which promotes new skills, such as problem solving, improved communication, and coordination.

Anticipate Competitor’s Behavior

Using role-playing in serious gaming can enable players to anticipate their competitor’s next move. Through role-playing, companies can fully understand the threat and challenges they are set to face. It also provides valuable insights that can be used to revise the business strategy or improve the company’s stance.

Collaborative Learning

Another great benefit of incorporating serious gaming into training is collaborative learning. Serious gaming encourages people to work together to achieve a common goal. Employers and teachers can use serious gaming to encourage cooperation between players. This ensures everybody in the organization feels part of the team and involved in the decision making process of the company.

The unique model in gaming is highly different when compared to traditional training methodologies. The new model makes it easier for folks to acquire technical knowledge. Gaming promotes social skills that would be difficult to promote using traditional methods. With the popularity of new methodologies, it has become easier for employers to hone soft skills such as critical thinking, people management, communication skills, and productivity.

These are just a few notable benefits of serious gaming that can drive an organization to the road to success. Additionally, serious games make businesses highly engaging and interesting, encouraging employees to show more interest in revising business strategies and bringing positive changes in the environment.

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