Seven questions to ask your eLearning solutions provider

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Seven Questions to Ask Your eLearningSolutionsProvider

Implementing an eLearning program can cost anywhere from $1K to $100K! It all depends on the content and the design chosen by the organization. Each organization has its own needs that are unique from its competitors. For learning solutions to truly add value for employees, offering  customized learning, instead of standardized off-the-shelf offerings, will provide your company with a competitive edge.

Here are the top seven questions  to ask an eLearning solutions provider before making a final selection choice.

Is there a thorough procedure to analyze needs?

An organization may think they know the needs for their workforce.  But, to ensure an eLearning program is effective, the vendor should  have a mechanism to identify the needs of the client. In fact, it is their job to determine the real need and revalidate it from you. Conducting a thorough needs analysis is a necessary component before moving forward in the process.

What is the process of development?

The provider should have a distinctive process to develop new courses or make revisions every time there is a change in the requirements. The process should ensure that the updates can be made quickly and the quality of the program is retained.

What is the design methodology?

It is important to follow solid instructional design principles while developing a course. The provider should be able to provide you with detailed information regarding  the methodology they use for designing their solutions – ADDIE, SAM, Bloom’s, and similar ones.

Who will be working on the project?

Knowing the team  assigned to your projects is key. You may want to meet  with the team before they start work. After all, the end product should reflect your vision and you need to ensure that the team working on your training program understands your requirements. It is important that there is a culture fit, even though they are not employees of your organization.

How will they communicate with you?

Communication is one of the cornerstones for success in any project. The provider must keep you in the loop throughout the design and development process. They should discuss every change or update they make. The mode of communication can be via email, phone, video conferencing, or a physical meeting.

How do they keep up with the latest trends?

The millennial workforce prefers mobile learning. They like to learn on the move. This means that courses need to be responsive. Old courses that have flash elements will not work on mobile devices. You need to ensure that the provider is on the top of this trend and has responsive solutions in place. In fact, this is not the only upcoming trend. Technology continues to change and evolve rapidly. The provider should be aware of trends and be flexible enough to be able to adopt them to meet the needs of today’s learners.

Do they have some samples of their work?

You should ask to see  samples of their work before making the final choice. The vendor can show you samples of similar courses they have developed for a different client. Or, they may develop a short pilot of your course and showcase it as a sample. In fact, do not hesitate to ask them to connect you to an existing or previous client. Validating the quality of the providers work will ensure they can meet your expectations.

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