Should you consider outsourcing your eLearning needs?

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Should You Consider Outsourcing YoureLearningNeeds

There is constant change in the e-learning sector. New trends continue to appear, while old trends fall by the way side. Organizations need to keep up with trends, if they want their training programs to succeed. They need to ensure that their employees are continuously developing new skills and competencies to stay up-to-date. Not all corporations are equipped with a strong training center that can keep up with the upskilling needs of their employees. This is where outsourcing comes in. An external e-learning solutions provider is capable of developing cutting-edge learning solutions for your workforce to ensure their skills and competencies stay current.

Here are four primary reasons to consider outsourcing your e-learning needs to an external vendor.

Reason #1: Cost benefits

Outsourcing results in reduction of fixed and overhead costs. You can take advantage of experts on the vendor’s team without having to hire them. Outsourcing allows you to create scalable learning solutions, without having to invest in the infrastructure required. You can pay for only as many eLearning developers as you need, to meet your current training requirements. You do not need to worry about retaining them after the project has been completed.

Reason #2: Specialized expertise

You need to invest in a well-stocked team in-house in order to deliver training projects with a wide range. This may not be a financially sound decision, especially if you are a small organization. Even if you have the financial wherewithal, you would rather invest your money elsewhere to grow your business. With outsourcing, you have the option to pick and choose from a wide array of eLearning experts and technologies based on your requirements. You don’t have to worry about hiring or retaining them. You can request their services, or put them on hold, depending on the pace of your projects. Expert vendors are always innovating, and you will be a direct beneficiary of the results. Their innovative processes and ideas will help you move ahead of the competition.

Reason #3: Reliable

If you are outsourcing, you  define your requirements in detail in the RFP. That’s all! Everything you need is summarized in that single document. The rest of the documents like storyboards, project plans, and so on, are managed by the vendor. Your chosen eLearning vendor will have its processes that are specifically designed to deliver e-learning solutions. You can be assured that their resources will not be diverted to other tasks; similar to what happens with in-house production teams. This reliability means a lot for critical programs. You can be confident that your projects will be delivered on time.

Reason #4: Focus on strategic goals

This is a significant benefit that you can expect from outsourcing your e-learning needs to a vendor. Once you have the ability to move employee training off your plate, you can focus on the strategic imperatives of your organization. You can channelize your efforts on developing and implementing a strategic plan for the  future. This is more important for the growth of your company.

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