Simulated eLearning: Increasing Your Company’s Performance By Gamifying Your Training

Designing Digitally


New technology quickly becomes old hat and the traditional options for serious games in web-based learning programs are no longer unique. How many times have you seen a serious game or eLearning program that is touted as engaging and interactive only to find it is a take-off on Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy? While these aren't necessarily bad eLearning types of games they certainly aren't new anymore and they definitely do not represent a true online gaming experience.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. our goal is to keep moving forward with the options we offer in simulated eLearning and Serious Games. Creating a simulated eLearning program to us means creating a highly interactive, highly engaging experience for the learner that is in keeping with the technology used in the latest computer and video games. This is our major focus as we know that highly engaging online training results in better retention and mastery of the concepts the training is designed to provide.

Gamification of elearningSimulated eLearning and game based training makes a lot of sense for several reasons. One of the major reasons is that your current traditional 2D eLearning information can be recycled by our online learning developers to create a true game experience. This can include adding scoring to the program, which will naturally trigger the competitive nature of the learners. With a little healthy competition learning goes up, especially if scores are posted and visible to everyone playing.

Another key reason why gamifying your existing eLearning program will show real benefits is because it allows the learner to actually experience the information you are providing. Instead of reading about financial management they can actually experience being a person in debt that has options in the simulatd to get out of debt. A firefighter or police officer can really engage in a particular type of procedure within a very realistic virtual environment. By practicing in a virtual setting the learner becomes more competent and comfortable with the new information. This type of training can be used for anything including protocols and procedures, skills training or learning new techniques. Practicing specific scenarios in a simulated is just like doing it in the real world, but requires no special mock-ups and costly time to coordinate with trainers. Learners can log on at their convenience and play the game, which is much more relevant than just reading information.

A points system can be built into the eLearning experience to allow managers or supervisors to track a learner's progress. Specific correct choices can be worth points, with different choices in the scenario leading the learner down different paths within the game. This can be factored into a simulated eLearning experience using a variety of different techniques and game ideas, all which are already conceptually familiar to the target audience. This totally new look at gamifying eLearning is adding to the interest in professional development and learning, allowing the company to increase the employees skill levels, competence and understanding of protocols and procedures. Below is a strong example of simulated eLearning created by Designing Digitally, Inc.

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