Solving the Challenges of Remote Training

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Solving the Challenges of Remote Training

Solving training challenges for remote employees has become a core value of the online learning community in light of the ongoing global pandemic. Businesses that once relied on in-person interaction are looking for efficient ways to transfer their services and products to an online platform. Employees all over the world are forced to work from home. Yet a lot of organizations do not have a system in place to deal with large-scale remote work and training. Thus, the pressure is on for figuring out quickly and skillfully how the roadmap for remote employment might unfurl.

Challenges Businesses Face During the Pandemic

There are many elements that need to get transferred and adapted to ensure a successful shift from working at the office to working from home. If you're wondering how to solve remote training challenges, our advice is to start with the big picture. Having the right technology and platform must come first. The quality of the training you provide needs to cater to your business and employee needs. This secures a smooth transition to an online working environment.

Online employee learners need to feel connected and have a sense of belonging. Your training platform must facilitate conversation, group work, and collaboration. This will encourage remote employees to engage more with the platform and actively participate in group discussions and exercises. Helping establish a community for your workforce is crucial to solving virtual training challenges.

Switching to an online training stage is the right opportunity for certain employees to shine. You can surpass remote employee training challenges by allowing and promoting in-house or outsourced mentoring and coaching. The efficient transfer of helpful information is paramount to building a strong Learning and Development department, especially in times of crisis. 

Using remote training:

  1. Boosts productivity

You can use your training platform to remove distractions for employee learners. By providing them with personalized learning experiences, employees become engaged with their progress through the course. Solving remote training challenges begins with solving specific learning obstacles a certain employee might encounter. An online learning platform that is conducive to deep-focus is your most powerful tool for continuing to grow your workforce and business.

  1. Improves knowledge retention

Knowledge retention is one of the most demanding components of any learning experience. Regardless of the level of interest an employee learner brings to the training, the human brain quickly forgets what it was trying to remember. The short term memory must pass on valuable information into the long term memory. For that to happen, your training modules must provide the right amount of knowledge, delivered at the right time, with a high level of on-the-job applicability.

  1. Increases efficiency

A well-designed training program can help increase employee efficiency tremendously.  Online training is a perfect way to improve specific skills and fill in particular knowledge gaps, as employees can focus on certain courses and topics at a time. A well-implemented remote training platform will offer anytime-anywhere learning opportunities so employee learners can structure their learning experiences around their daily schedule. This freedom to organize their own time can empower employees to hike up their productivity and focus on the right tasks instead of trying to get everything done in one day.

  1. Cuts costs

Education can be expensive, and if we break it down, we understand why. When you send an employee in for training you must be mindful of the overhead, trainer, travel, meal, and overall time costs you'll need to invest in. Online learning cuts these costs entirely. You can opt for ready-made learning programs or hire an instructional designer to create a bespoke training solution. Either way, you can implement a remote training platform for less money and the return on investment often far outweighs the initial expenditure.


The challenges of remote training are numerous and can be complex. Investing in the right technology, encouraging employee online collaboration, and focusing on the benefits of online learning can guide you towards overcoming remote training obstacles. Download the complete eBook for more tips on this topic! 

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