Stereoscopic 3D Being Used for Professional Referee Training In Soccer

Designing Digitally


At Designing Digitally, Inc. we’re always excited when we learn of the work others are doing to advance the use of visual information for training processes and purposes, since a great deal of our work deals with creating visual-based training and educational programs for use on computer monitors, etc. 3D training simulations, eLearning and virtual worlds creation all deal with converting ‘traditional’ training and educational materials into interactive and often-times immersive content.

That’s why we were quite excited to learn of the work of researchers in Spain at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). These men and women have been recording athletic exercises on the soccer field for FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) – the international governing body for Soccer – to use for training purposes for their assistant referees. The 500 exercises they’ve been recording all concern offside positions, and the exercises are all being recorded in stereoscopic 3D – basically using 2 lens instead of one to record the action in order to obtain a greater sense of depth than a 2D image. 

As the article on explains, “The objective of this innovation project is to improve the learning environment of the assistant referees with multimedia materials which offer a visual experience that is the most similar to what referees on the pitch experience, and which can train visual perception in decision-making calls on off-side plays.”

You’ll notice the mention in the quote above about offering a visual training experience that “is the most similar to what refereeson the pitch experience.” Or, as UC3M professor Manuel Armenteros, coordinator of the project, explained, “The use of stereoscopic images will significantly improve the learning experience due to the fact that a 3D stereoscopic image learning environment generates a visual experience that is much more realistic than 2D.”

We couldn’t agree more, which is one of the reasons Designing Digitally, Inc. works to create fully immersive 3D training simulations, virtual worlds, serious games and many of our eLearning programs for clients – 3D imagery, especially incorporated with cogent training content - is simply more realistic and closer to true work experiences than “flat screen” 2D training or printed learning and training materials. Viva La 3D!!!

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