Strategic & Tactical Advantages of Custom Web-Based Training and eLearning Solutions

Designing Digitally


If you’re interested in developing custom eLearning solutions for web-based employee training, but you’re having trouble getting upper management to buy-in, we can help. Knowing the strategic and tactical advantages of custom eLearning solutions can help you convince decision makers that web-based training is appropriate for your team. It’s hard to list out all of the many advantages of web-based training, the following are the advantages that we find most appealing.

Strategic Advantages of Custom Web-Based Training

  • You can create a global workforce with customized instruction all over the world.
  • Custom web-based training is easy to adjust to employee wants and needs.
  • Companies can retain valued workers with continuing education, certifications, and more.
  • Your company will enjoy increased productivity and profitability by improving knowledge and skill levels.

Tactical Advantages of Custom Web-Based Training

  • Web-based training offers flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, whether your employees are at the office, home or a hotel room.
  • Travel costs are reduced, including the cost of hotels, airfare, meals and other travel expenses associated with onsite training.
  • Edits and updates are easy to make without time lag or reprinting costs.
  • Tracking and management tools make it easy to evaluate and stay on top of trainee performance.

There are many more reasons why custom web-based training is beneficial for businesses, and Designing Digitally, Inc. can help you determine the best way to present your training materials in this format.

For more information about how we can build your custom web-based training modules, contact us today for a free quote about custom eLearning solutions for your business or organization.