Tackling Training Objectives with Gamification

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Gamified Training

Gamification is the concept of incorporating game-based techniques to drive engagement in non-gaming activities. Many businesses are using gamification to train employees and it is now considered an integral part of the eLearning industry and the internet in general. Gamification is not only being implemented in eLearning courses designed for the public, but big brands are also utilizing it for corporate training due to its many advantages, such as skill development, changing behaviors, an increase in innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Why Gamification Works

Gamification is based on the idea that human beings are competitive and enjoy games. Competing in games is common not only in childhood but also during adulthood. The popularity of sports supports this point. Companies are able to transfer this preference for competition into their training and effectively engage their employees in the process.

How Gamification Can Meet Your Business Objectives

For your gamification project to be a success, your organization must align the goals of the players with that of the business. However, you can’t just add points, leader boards, and badges onto any training and expect to see positive results. Before you initiate the process, the organization must understand who their learners are and what will keep them motivated. It is up to the company to design an experience that will put their employees on the path to achieving success.

To avoid any problems in the future, it is best to test out your gamification ideas on a small focus group of your learners. This way, you will be able to see how effective the results are, and then be able to make changes accordingly before you release it to the entire organization. This will ensure you can use gamification in the best possible way.

Offer Simple Rewards

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to incorporate gamification is by offering simple rewards. Offering rewards to the top players will stir up some healthy competition. You don’t have to give out an extravagant prize. This is a simple technique and best of all, your organization will not have to put in much effort. Come up with a strategy to identify who performs the best during training sessions.

Another great way to incorporate gamification in training is by keeping track of each player’s performance. While each participant will be motivated to earn the prize at the end of it all, tracking performance helps make the gaming element more effective in the long run. You can fix milestones and track how many people are able to achieve them within a certain amount of time. Handing work on time, completing the required reading, and achieving a certain grade can all be performance indicators that will help you decide who deserves the prize at the end of the training.

If you are trying to implement gamified training in eLearning, you can use this method to get people to perform a variety of activities. This includes watching videos in their spare time, taking quizzes, and so on. Consider setting up a chart tracking system that will allow players to track each other’s performance. Setting up a scoreboard may encourage your team to perform better in the training sessions and bring out their best.

Point System

One of the most effective ways to tackle training objectives using gamification is to set up a point system. Using a point system make things more competitive. It is up to the organization to allot points to different activities. A point system will also make it easier for the organization to identify top performers. With a little time and effort, gamification is an excellent way to train your employees and expand their knowledge and skills. It can be used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the employees, allowing the management to utilize the skills of their employees more effectively.

Gamified training is a brilliant way to train employees and students. Keep the guidelines mentioned above in mind if you want to implement gamification effectively in your organization.  

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