Tips for Marketing Your Employee Training Course

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Tips for Marketing Your Employee Training Course

Today's most crucial HR function is training and development, mainly because technology is evolving at a fast pace, and there is a need for employees to remain updated with the latest trends. Unfortunately, many employees are often unmotivated and uninterested in their training courses, leading to lower participation and poor performance results. So how do you make employees more aware of the learning opportunities and make them excited to complete them? 

Here are some helpful tips for marketing your employee training course.

Form a Social Media Group

Social media groups are a progressive marketing strategy that can keep your staff informed. For instance, a closed Facebook group is an excellent place to upload online training tips, event invites, and online training course notifications. Employees can also discuss upcoming events regarding online training as well as post resource links. However, make sure you set netiquette rules to avoid conflicts and keep members on the topic. Moreover, pick the social media platforms that your staff are conversant with to improve participation. Finally, you can use polls and surveys to find out popular sites that can allow you to customize your marketing approach.

Host a Firm-Wide Webinar

Webinars are engaging and interactive. Your staff will have the chance to share ideas and ask questions while online developers and instructors will inform the organization regarding the upcoming eLearning course and event. If you are looking to obtain a more personalized atmosphere, divide the staff into small groups and host numerous webinars. Doing this offers everyone the chance to speak their ideas in a forum that is more private. For the best results, show the staff plenty of information before the eLearning event. Provide the benefits, online discussion topics, and a general outline that assists them in preparing questions in advance.

Begin an eLearning Newsletter

Form a regular corporate newsletter that has tips, updates, and tricks regarding the online training course. Discuss a different online training program or topic during each edition. For instance, one newsletter can focus on safety and health compliance. It can include essential tasks, advantages of online compliance training, and a FAQ question. Grab the attention of your staff with a compelling headline and a summary of the covered topics. Make the newsletter more engaging by including pictures, bold colors, and multimedia links. You can also utilize a template to save time and make sure that each edition is brand-centered and cohesive.

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Start a Corporate eLearning Blog

Post blog updates, prompts, and questions regularly to promote your training program. Additionally, you can employ your eLearning blog to offer informative resources, advice, and tools to your staff. There is a broad spectrum of free blogging platforms with eLearning themes, templates, and built-in apps. If you want your corporate eLearning blog to be successful, be sure to offer your readers consistency and real value. Moreover, post questions that are thought-provoking to boost the participation of employees and interaction between peers.

Offer the Staff a Sneak Peak

Employees love the idea of exclusivity, even when it regards corporate eLearning. Marketing your eLearning course can work by offering a few of them the opportunity to view an online training module or activity before its launch. Then request them to fill a questionnaire or survey. Your staff will get the chance to preview the eLearning training materials, and your firm gains essential feedback. For optimal results, obtain a diverse range of staff to test the eLearning content. If you want highly detailed feedback, plan for a focus group to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the online training program.

Corporate eLearning Forum

Online forums are perfect for social learning, but they can also assist in marketing your eLearning course. You can do this by stimulating lively online debates and discussions that focus on the online training topic. For instance, post prompts, ask questions, and invite the staff to share ideas. Make it a place where the team is comfortable collaborating with colleagues and voicing their opinions. Moreover, you can ask industry experts to guest host sessions on the forum. For instance, the HR manager can host a Q&A session regarding company policies and compliance issues.

Welcome Feedback

The staff likes to be listened to, and more significantly, they want to know that their ideas and thoughts are essential. For this reason, employee feedback needs translating into actionable objectives. Feedback on a corporate training program offers you the rare chance to empathize with them and assess the areas that need improving, with zero bias. Request the staff to complete social media polls, surveys, and conduct focus groups. Encouraging feedback assists in enhancing engagement and motivation, which will promote your training program.

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Form an Attractive Hashtag

Hashtags are perfect for marketing your eLearning course since they centralize communications and generate interest in the topic. All the tweets that have your unique hashtag will automatically be available on the search trend, which is why it is crucial to choose a hashtag that people will remember easily. It also requires aligning your subject matter and brand image. Avoid lengthy hashtags that have special characters or are hard to spell. What's more, be sure to include the hashtag on every marketing material, including the company's newsletter, website, and eLearning course. Also, employ hashtags to promote live webinars so that the staff can discuss essential topics during the event.


With online training courses, you can keep your employees' skills updated while the company operates with minimal interruptions. While training costs remain low, the employees will be more motivated and productive, which will improve your bottom line.

Designing Digitally specializes in developing custom online training courses designed to improve performance and create positive behavior changes within your workforce. If you are interested in learning more about the various solutions, we can help you enhance your corporate training strategies and request a free quote from our team today.

Please note this article was updated by our team on 5/18/2021.