Tips For Selecting The Best eLearning Company

Designing Digitally


Making the decision to use virtual interactive training for your company, agency, education facility or for distance learning is sound foundation for all your future training requirements. However, there is a great deal of variation between the eLearning companies out there. Selecting the best eLearning company is a key element in developing serious game solutions, virtual training worlds and delivering high quality custom learning opportunities that are tailored to your specific requirements.

One common mistake that many program coordinators or training managers make is to buy a template type of software package. There are good ones out there on the market including Captivate and Articulate, but they are only as good as how they fit within your specific organization. Even with a good fit you still will have to have a dedicated staff that can actually build a virtual training world plus they have to know how to develop web-based training solutions that match your needs.

In addition these eLearning software packages only allow so much customization in format, simulations and animations. As a basic platform they are great, but they aren't going to get you to the advanced levels of eLearning technology and the really detailed virtual simulations that most computer users are already familiar with.

There are very few eLearning development services that can provide it all in a coordinated, comprehensive type of package. If you want to be able to track progress of users, automatically record quiz scores, exams and units completed as well as know how they did in game simulations you will need an eLearning company that offers LMS or Learning Management Systems. A LMS can also be used as a platform for eLearning and distance education programs as well as discussions, forums and sharing of information between users. Designing Digitally, Inc. can develop a unique LMS or customize an open source LMS to suit your firm's needs.

In addition to the master system, you should also consider looking for an eLearning company that can provide virtual simulations, web based training modules or programs, game based training as well as specific computer based training programs. By using the same eLearning company to do all these different aspects of your training everything will be fully compatible and work seamlessly to provide a high quality, professional looking web based training. Training simulations, in the form of 2D or 3D serious games, or Second Life types of virtual experiences are an ideal way to add variety as well as proven learning benefits to traditional eLearning systems. Other options for simulations that can be developed within specific virtual worlds include Adobe Flash, HTML5, Unity 3D, Flare 3D, Open Wonderland, Opensim. Since most people don't work regularly with these virtual worlds and gaming platforms, 3D designers can be instrumental in helping you discover just the right virtual world for your training needs.

One eLearning company that truly offers it all when it comes to web based training and virtual education is Designing Digitally, Inc. This experienced eLearning company can coordinate the training simulations in virtual worlds with the delivery of eLearning material, meetings in virtual worlds between users and instructors and trainers as well as building your training system based completely on your needs. This frees up your trainers and staff to do their own jobs without having to learn the highly specialized and very complex world of 3d simulations for training. A virtual world developer from Designing Digitally. Inc. can do all the technical work and your staff and trainers can focus in on what they need to do, giving you the best of all worlds. 

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