Tips for Successful eLearning

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Tips for Successful eLearning

eLearning has traveled a long path since it first appeared. Today, learners are not satisfied with a simple PowerPoint deck. They demand much more. And, if they are not satisfied, then they will go elsewhere for training or not participate in training at all. Even if they take the course, they will not retain as much of the information, if the learning is not engaging.

To keep your learners engaged and hooked on eLearning, you need to know a few tips and tricks that will ensure that your eLearning is successful.

#1: Tell the learner upfront

People, in general, are not interested in doing anything that does not add value. It’s the same with learning.  You need to tell the learner upfront about what’s in it for them. Inform them how they will benefit from the course. For example, at the end of this course, you will learn an approach to delivering quality work, or at the end of this course, you will know the compliance factors. The more explicitly you communicate it to the learner, the better are the chances of them giving their full attention to the elearning module.

#2: Keep it engaging

One of the main reasons behind the shift from traditional classroom learning to eLearning was the need for making learning more interesting, engaging, and interactive. If these conditions aren’t fulfilled, the entire purpose of switching to eLearning would be futile. eLearning modules must bring in a fun element into learning and motivate the learners to enjoy the learning process. Forcing the learner to sit for hours sifting through the page-turner screens is as good (or bad) as classroom training.  For eLearning to be successful, you need to ensure that the learning is engaging.

#3: Make it relevant

The topics and concepts that are discussed must be relevant. Your employees will spend time on the module, only if they feel that they will enhance their existing skills or learn a new skill that they can apply at work. If they do not find anything that is relevant to their career aspiration, they will not invest the time and effort required. Even mandatory training must have its relevance communicated to the employees.

#4: Don’t overwhelm the learner

One of the greatest mistakes that organizations make with eLearning modules is that they expect their learners to learn everything. This isn’t how it works. While eLearning is effective and efficient, it’s not magic. Do not cram in as much content as possible in one module. Take it slow. Phase out the information, chunking it into different modules. Short bite-sized modules work better than one long never-ending module for retention of the information and engagement of the learner.

#5: Encourage collaboration

There is limited opportunity for communication in eLearning. But, you should encourage collaboration to the extent possible, given its asynchronous nature. Use tools like online forums, social media sites, chat bots, and similar, to connect learners. Learners will be better engaged the more you build human interaction. Get them to talk to each other and learn mutually.

At Designing Digitally, Inc., our experts can assess your existing capabilities and develop a successful eLearning strategy tailored to your needs. We will ensure that your eLearning is customized to your needs that will result in a successful outcome for the employees and the company.

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