The Top Corporate Training Resolutions of 2019

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The Top Corporate Training Resolutions of 2019

Corporate training resolutions are techniques used to increase the confidence and preparedness of employees through effective training methods. Through proper education, employers are able to hone the skills of their workforce to meet the demands of their industry. This creates a work environment that delivers the results a company is looking for in those it employs. Below is a list of the best ways to ensure the abilities that are desired can be attained efficiently within a framework that is properly suited for the specific needs of your company.

Here are the top corporate training resolutions of 2019.

Training Designed for Sustainment & Retention

Having a solid platform of training creates the potential for lasting results that can be duplicated over the long term. Ensuring training is being created to promote employee sustainment and retention is a key resolution as it is a critical step in staying at the forefront of corporate training solutions that have a consistently positive impact. Employees want to feel like they are valued and designing training based on their needs shows that. Custom online learning solutions are a perfect way to achieve this. These developments fit the specific needs of your industry and can offer individual learning paths based on employee needs.

Training Solutions Reassessment

Growth requires a steady schedule of optimization and scalability for application of the freshest concepts and approaches. Making training reassessment one of your corporate training resolutions will allow any skills gaps to be determined and more effective delivery approaches to be identified.  A needs analysis enables you to deliver corporate training that plays a key role in the inclusion of targeted best practices, by taking an in-depth examination of your training platforms and the alignment they have with the goals of your company.

Digitization of Learning

The business world of 2019 relies upon the digital landscape to make improvements readily accessible. A digital delivery approach allows for flexibility in learning at the best time and pace tailored to each mind. Therefore, it translates to a more widely attainable success ratio of retention and interest in learning.

Employee Engagement

Gaining and holding interest is sometimes the most difficult task you will face with employee training resolutions. Overcoming this initial barrier is often accomplished by presenting tasks in a manner that concentrates on employee involvement, and getting them engaged in their training. Serious games are one way to accomplish higher employee engagement, using methods that incorporate game mechanics and incentives to motivate learners. The more you can get people to take action, the greater the effect will be on their ability to perform.

Content Curation

The importance of building a versatile library of information to support various topics in your business should not be underestimated. Making content curation one of your corporate training resolutions can provide a wealth of learning avenues that will be paramount to in-depth comprehension of subject matter. The more study that can be done in any given field will equip your learners with an interest in it to become significantly proficient with the material.

More Accessible Training

The easier it is to obtain knowledge the more likely it is to become common. When trying to manage a roster of highly qualified individuals, or create them, it is immeasurably profitable to have an overlap of quality skills. Mobile learning makes information and qualification as accessible as possible. When it is widely known how to develop professional acumen, employees will inevitably be curious to discover more of what they can do.

Explore Immersive Technology (AR, VR)

Familiarizing people with new and emerging technology enables an enhanced experience that fully engages the imagination. Exploring new immersive technologies as a part of your goals, such as augmented and virtual reality, is a perfect way to assure a profound memory foundation that directly secures employee training to a motor behavior event. Activities performed in a virtual environment can be recalled easier because they are connected to more than just visual or audible context alone, and allow learners to recall from actual experiences.

Provide Continuous Learning Opportunities

Making the process of learning new skills and information an ongoing routine is something you should also consider for your corporate training resolutions. Offering continuous learning opportunities will benefit both your employees and the overall company, as access to new training and refresher courses are easily available. Microlearning modules can help here as they promote advancement in versatility by providing short training segments that can be accessed when needed. You will find as more knowledge is shared, the department shortcomings will decrease.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

The ability of a computer to enhance learning at the current level of technology is now unquestionable. Given this concept, it is a natural progression to allow the artificial intelligence that is being developed to handle a greater amount of the workload. Accepting AI as an integral part of the equation for boosting the ability to reach new levels of achievement will soon become standard. Being a successful part of burgeoning future techniques will soon require this to be part of the formula from the start. Incorporating AI into learning approaches can create more effective training experiences.

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