Top Five Business Benefits of Mobile Learning Solutions

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Mobile devices have become a part of the life of a constantly increasing tech-savvy workforce. These devices dominate almost all daily activities. It is no wonder that employee learning preferences are changing to include them. This is where educational technology and mobile learning solutions converge to serve as powerful solutions for staff training.

Here are top five benefits that business can reap by using mlearning solutions for their employee learning needs.

#1: Higher learning engagement

High employee engagement is a clear business goal that is achievable through mobile learning solutions. Up to 70% of people under 34 years of age prefer a mobile work device. This millennial workforce will constitute a clear majority of the market by the year 2030. Mobile learning can be personalized and is accessible irrespective of time and place. Research reveals that the rate of engagement is higher with mobile learning solutions, as a result of this flexibility.

#2: Improved completion rate

Learners like to learn in small chunks. Mobile devices are best suited for micro-learning.  It lets designers create specifically targeted mall chunks of learning. Learners can choose what they want to learn and when. The flexibility for learners to access and complete the learning goes a long way in ensuring an improved completion rate.

#3: Higher knowledge retention

Those familiar with the ‘Forgetting Curve’ know that an average employee forgets up to 80% of what he or she learns during any formal training, within as little as 30 days. However, Mobile Learning Solutions create learning paths that members of the workforce may integrate with their tasks in real-time, but with higher knowledge retention. By using Mobile Learning Solutions, your employees can:

  • Recall knowledge more easily by contextualizing it in real situations.
  • Retain knowledge better by referring to their contextualized learning experience.
  • Increase new knowledge application by trying it out immediately.
  • Reinforce new knowledge by repeatedly applying what they learn while on the task.

#4: Reduce training costs

E-learning generally follows an environmentally friendly philosophy. Mobile Learning Solutions can reduce the carbon footprint of your business, along with various cost heads. M-learning solutions do not require paper, so it reduces production and waste costs. That is healthy for the environment and can be part of your organization’s sustainability efforts. Further, as Mobile Learning Solutions are delivered to each employee individually, they do not need to travel to the venue. This reduces both travel time and costs, as well as potential travel-related carbon emissions. You don’t have to spend on hiring a venue or training equipment, either.

#5: Convenience of learning

The more convenient it is for the employees to learn, the better the motivation levels. Mobile Learning Solutions are accessible on a variety of devices. You do not need to worry what device your employees have. These courses are designed in a manner that they provide the same user experience on all devices.

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