The Top Reasons Serious Games Are Perfect For Custom eLearning Solutions

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Serious Games are Perfect for Custom eLearning Solutions

Gamification and serious games can help reinforce learning objectives in a unique manner. Infusing gaming elements in workplace training goes a long way to enhance learner engagement and improve knowledge retention. Custom learning games coax the learner to look at the content from varied perspectives. Gamification training can provide you with a huge repository of data regarding learner behavior and participation. You can analyze and utilize the data to improve your training strategy.

Here are the top six reasons why considering serious games for custom online training solutions are a good choice.

#1: Enhanced learning experience

Gamification is one of the quickest ways to enhance the learning experience of the learner. Using scenario games for game-based learning is quite common. Your learners need to progress through a plot where they will be asked to make certain decisions. They reach the next level based on the decisions they make. When your employees learn by doing, they remember the concepts learned more effectively. These games are usually set in a realistic environment that emulates the learner’s workplace. By doing so, they can draw parallels from their job role and practice their skills. The outcome is that your learners are able to grasp the concepts with a richer meaning  and recall this knowledge when required at the workplace.

#2: Increased motivation

Gamified learning content enhances the motivation level of your learner. Games are fun, and learners will prefer  enjoyable game based learning as opposed to a boring one. Humans are motivated by competition, and gamification leverages that. It provides opportunities to compete with peers for rewards and leaderboard position. This sense of healthy competition spurs your learners to stay invested in the course.

#3: Improved attention span and thought process

The attention span of your workers is limited. You cannot expect them to be engaged during an hour  lecture. Gamification takes care of that problem to quite an extent by reducing boredom and increasing engagement. Since game-based learning encourages experiential learning, learners are more attentive. Game-centric training helps the learners to hone their skills. It boosts the thought process and development of the learners. They are motivated to take logical decisions and come up with innovative ideas.

#4: Visible behavior change

A huge challenge for any training is to ensure that there is a positive change in  behavior. Having learners take compliance training does not guarantee that they are following the requirements. In  gamification, learners are exposed to their work environment and their daily job roles. They can practice their skills and are rewarded for doing things the right way. This drives a positive change in their work behavior. Also, learners receive instant feedback. This assures that the learner  knows what they are doing right as well as where they can improve. If they make correct choices, they receive points and badges. If they make a wrong move, they are penalized on the spot. As a result, the right behaviors are stored in their long-term memory.

#5: Applicable across

Serious games are not limited to situations. It can be applied across disciplines – HR, Sales, IT, Customer care, and so on. Gamification is flexible and can be used in almost all training programs. It encourages  engagement of the learners. They can apply their knowledge immediately. This helps increase the return-on-investment on the training.

#6: Learner data

Most gamified courses ask the learners to log in with a valid email address or credentials. This allows access to data regarding what the learner is doing on the site. Each click the learner makes or points and badges he wins are recorded as valuable learner insights. There are valuable ways an organization can use this information. By analyzing the data for user trends, you obtain feedback that allows you to see how well your training is received by learners. For example, if your learners are skipping a particular section, this is an indication that  you should review your training for ways to improve. . If they are taking more time on a specific topic, you need to figure out if that is because they find it interesting or because the topic is complex. That way, you can improve the quality of your custom learning content.

We create exciting and compelling game-based learning experiences that ensure learner retention and positive behavior change. Whether you are looking to have a collaborate serious game or a competitive online environment to facilitate serious learning, Designing Digitally, Inc. can create it for you.

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