Top traits of successful eLearning teams

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Top Traits ofSuccessfuleLearningTeams

Success doesn't come automatically to eLearning solution providers. They constantly need to strive for it. eLearning solution providers need to have teams with certain inherent characteristics, in order to be on top of their game. The quality of the workforce defines the organization.   

Here are six top traits that every high-performance eLearning team must have to be successful.

Trait #1: Clear, measurable goals

The team must have clear and measurable goals to focus on. All the members must share the common ambition of fulfilling those goals. Clear, common goals keep the team together, so that they do not lose sight of the various tasks required to be completed, to meet the defined end results. Successful, high-performing teams work cohesively and lead the team to success. The goals must be measurable. Quantitative goals provide a measurable means for determining progress towards goal achievement. If no metrics are involved, then it is impossible to assess the success of the e-learning team.

Trait #2: Shared values

Unless the team has shared values, it cannot be successful. Common beliefs guide team behavior and help create cohesiveness and generate great ideas. If the team has nothing in common, it will not be able to meet its objectives. A discordant team will not be able to achieve positive results for its clients. A team with shared characteristics will be able to work together as one entity striving to be successful.

Trait #3: Multi-skills

The more skills the team possesses, the better. If you form a team with diverse skills, they will be better problem solvers and be able to offer multiple solutions to solve client’s training issues. Each member will offer different perspectives that will lead to innovative solutions. A diverse team that works cohesively will be a successful team.

Trait #4: Flexible process

Agile teams achieve far better results. Keep your design and development process agile. The team should welcome changes during the design and development process, and be flexible enough to go back to the drawing board if required. The team should be encouraged to provide feedback during the process. Do not wait to complete the entire process before asking for feedback. Keep the development cycles short and throw the floor open for feedback. At the end of the project, there will be tremendous learning and the end product will be much better than you would have visualized at the beginning.

Trait #5: Collaboration

High-performance e-learning teams should have a collaborative team culture. When the entire team comes together to sort out issues and resolve the problem in hand, then things move rapidly. When the members respect and acknowledge each other’s skills and expertise, then the productivity increases manifold. If there is absence of trust, then members will withhold their ideas and observations. A team that trusts each other and collaborates well together is a successful team.

Trait #6: Recognition

It is important to appreciate and recognize a team for its efforts. You need to clarify all misunderstandings and reward the team for high performance. There will be challenges, but creating an environment where the team will be able to transform these challenges into opportunities is necessary. Recognize the team for their problem solving and collaboration skills.

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