Training with a Bring Your Own Device Policy

Designing Digitally


For decades, the ultimate training goal in any educator’s mind was to find a way to connect to their students and create an atmosphere where learning was simplified. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution allows employers and educators to meet both of these criteria, all the while saving money in the process. Since users are usually a lot more comfortable with their own digital devices than ones issued by their employer, there is also a convenience factor involved that could potentially speed up the learning process.

Catering to the Needs of Your Audience

One of the largest benefits from the Bring Your Own Device movement is that students have complete control over their learning environment. People have a personal attachment to their digital devices these days, and they're quick to reach for them whenever they have a spare moment. By providing learning material that can be accessed from any device, at any time, students have a lot more freedom when it comes to seeking company information.

Additionally, the sheer amount of content that can be made available to employees is staggering. Instead of carrying around big workbooks full of company policies and regulations, this same information can be accessed in a fraction of the time. Since the user is already familiar with the device as well and likely prefers it over the office PC, this is only one of the reasons why employees prefer a BYOD training environment.

The Nuances of Developing for Multiple DevicesBring Your Own Device

Of course, Bring Your Own Device also presents a distinct number of challenges. Technology advances in hardware are changing at a lightning fast pace, so there simply is not an accurate way to predict a user's preferences two, three or five years from now. Meaning; the newest learning solutions have to be fully adaptive to any platform with considerations given to screen size, internet availability and numerous other factors. Security is also a potential issue when employees use their own personal devices.

Because of the need for responsive layouts across a wide range of devices, the actual learning content needs to be delivered in small, quickly downloadable segments with mobile devices in mind. This keeps compatibility issues to a minimum and ensures material can display properly on a four inch smartphone screen, a 27 inch monitor or anything in-between. The content could also be available through a company website, and in some cases a downloadable app (on both Android and iOS) could be a good solution as well. That way, poor bandwidth does not have to play a factor in the actual learning potential.

Getting the Most Out of Numerous Devices

At Designing Digitally, Inc., we have fully embraced Bring Your Own Device because it is a win-win for everyone involved. The cost savings alone is making BYOD increasingly difficult to ignore. By allowing users access to learning materials on whichever device they prefer, your training modules will no longer be limited to the office laptop or tablet…which can often get left behind.

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