Transforming Conventional PowerPoint Training into 3D Immersive eLearning Simulation Training

Designing Digitally


If you already have PowerPoint materials that you’ve been using in more traditional learning atmospheres or 2D virtual environments, consider taking them to a whole new level with 3D scenario-based eLearning simulations.

We can take your existing presentations and turn up the notch on their interactive features, making them more engaging for your users and more useful to you when it comes time to assess them. Here’s how:

We’ll tackle your PowerPoint goals with a new, 3D approach.


If you’re thinking about developing eLearning simulations to train new employees or engage students enrolled in your online course, do you really want to put them to sleep with that same, stale PowerPoint you’ve been using? These simple presentations have been done to death—so much so that audiences hardly pay attention to them anymore, let alone learn from them.

Designing Digitally, Inc.’s approach is different. We will take your existing PowerPoints, assess them to establish their key learning objectives, and then translate those goals into a new 3D training simulation. The eLearning simulations we create are interactive and theme-based environments custom made with your particular audience and learning purposes in mind.

So instead of sitting through another boring PowerPoint slideshow, your audience will be experiencing an immersive training environment through a Web browser, learning the same objectives that the PowerPoint highlights. And they’ll actually have fun doing it. Below is a screen shot example of a development by Designing Digitally, Inc. that went from PowerPoint from a client to a 3D training simulation for the client:

eLearning simulations track your audience’s progress.


Our eLearning simulations also give you a tool that your PowerPoint presentations can’t: They allow you to track your users’ learning development as they progress through the virtual environment.

You’ll have the opportunity to assess your audience members’ scores on various interactive games. Our developers base these games and assessments around your eLearning simulation’s customized theme. They aren’t your standard TV-game-show deals, either; they’re games that are tailored specifically for your simulation and learning objectives, giving your users an exciting new way to receive training.

Translating PowerPoints into new 3D eLearning simulations is just one of the many services our team of talented developers brings to the table, and it’s an effective way to enhance your virtual learning experience and engage your audience.

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