Using Game-Based Mobile Learning in Corporate Training

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Game-Based Mlearning

In recent years, you have probably heard the term "gamification," in reference to the way many companies and educators are using the principles of gaming (completing quests, earning rewards, etc.) to motivate users to learn. These game-based learning solutions have been highly successful, as modern learners respond well to interactive learning. Game-based learning puts the user at the forefront and forces him or her to take an active role in the learning process.

With mobile capabilities, game-based learning is taken one step farther. In the past, learners were tethered to a computer for their training sessions, but widespread access to mobile phones and tablets now allows learning to occur anywhere. If you have been considering using game-based mobile learning as a training solution, read on for some benefits and tips for this innovative training technique.

Learn Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of mobile learning is that it can be done anywhere. Previously, you may have had to work around your employees' busy schedules to get in a training session. This can be difficult, as everyone is moving in different directions. Mobile learning allows your employees to do their training sessions anywhere. They can complete the tasks at their desks, while at home or even on a business trip. Mobile training will benefit both you and your employees.

Games Are Successful

Time and again, game-based learning has proven to be one of the most successful methods of educating learners of all ages. Your employees are likely to learn more and actually remember and use what they have learned. Games allow your employees to learn in a variety of ways, which is ideal because not all learners are the same. By using games, you can tailor training to the different needs of your employees.

Games also allow your workers to progress at their own pace. Some of your workers will move through new material quickly, while others may need more time. Games help prevent wasted time. They can take ownership of their training and feel pride in their accomplishments.

Games Make Learning Fun

Many employees have the complaint that training sessions are dull and tedious. Listening to someone talk or reading long texts may have your employees bored, zoning out and not paying attention. This is a problem for you, because if they are not paying attention, they are not getting anything from the training.

If you can make a training exercise fun, however, you will engage your employees. They will pay attention and actually learn what you are wanting them to learn. Games are one of the most engaging ways to learn. Educators often use games to teach students of all ages due to their proven effectiveness.

Technology and Games Are Geared for Modern Learners

If your company has a lot of workers in the millennial generation, you need to consider how they best learn when it comes to corporate training solutions. Millennials are the first generation who have grown up with technology at their fingertips for most of their lives. They are used to using technology, so naturally, it is the best way they learn.

The prevalence of technology has made younger workers into fast learners, but it has also given them short attention spans. If you can train using games on a mobile device, you are going to be much more likely to engage your younger workers, as opposed to getting them to sit through a lecture or read a text.

Mobile Games Give Instant Gratification and Feedback

For younger workers, one of the biggest rewards is instant gratification. They often do not want to wait to see their results. Mobile learning allows for instant rewards for a job well done.

Another benefit of using mobile game-based training is that mobile games can often provide instant feedback. Your employees can see where they need improvement and immediately begin to make adjustments. You can also have instant access to results to see how your employees are performing. You can then make adjustments in areas where your workers need improvement.

Mobile Training Allows for Collaboration

Whereas a lecture or text is a more individual style of learning, mobile learning allows for collaboration among your employees. Collaboration has advantages for both your company and your workers. Employees tend to be more engaged when they are working with others, and they often get more from the training. Sharing ideas allows your workers to help one another grow and learn. Collaboration also has the added benefits of encouraging teamwork and creating a sense of community among your employees.

There are many benefits of a mobile game-based training solution, and it is sure to benefit your company and your employees. Contact the team at Designing Digitally today to learn more about how this learning approach and how it can transform your company’s training.