Value of Professional Web-based Employee Training Developers

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What’s the Value of Professional Employee Web-based Training Developers?

How much bang for your buck do you get from choosing to work with professional Web-based training developers? Management needs to know what the value is for each dollar you spend, and Web-based training activities are not excluded. You may think that developing your training programs in-house is cost-effective and efficient, but the final product is often not as effective as you’d like it to be.

Web-based training companyDeveloping Web-based Training In-House

When you develop your employee Web-based training in-house, it might appear as though you are saving your company time and money. For instance, if you are developing a one-hour long training course, it can take an estimated 800 hours for you to develop it on your own. For non-math whizzes, 800 hours is equal to approximately five weeks worth of work, but that’s only if you spend every breathing moment working on the development of your Web-based training course. If you break it down even further into 40 hour work weeks with one developer working on the project that equals 20 weeks worth of work. If your head is spinning from all these hours of productivity lost due to one project, you’re not alone. This is one of the main reasons why many people turn to companies like ours to develop their employee Web-based training for them.

Developing Web-based Training with an Expert

At Designing Digitally, Inc., what could take you 800 hours to develop on your own will take our team of multiple developers far less time. We live and breathe eLearning and have the experience and knowledge necessary for developing engaging employee Web-based training courses that save you time and money, but also have great outcomes. In fact, with our Web-based training programs, your employees will learn faster and course material retention is higher as well. What you develop in-house doesn’t have the benefit of our experts, who incorporate tried and true design rules to ensure professional-grade appearance, as well as the best possible learning experience. The end result is Web-based training that meets your specific learning objectives, is visually appealing and doesn’t eat up the time of your employees.

If you want to know more about our employee Web-based training development services, browse our eLearning portfolio and request a quote today.