Vermont DMV Sees 35% Increase in passing permit exams

Designing Digitally


At Designing Digitally, Inc. we strive to ensure that the developments we create will provide a positive return on investment to the clients that we serve. Often times the ROI takes awhile to come to fruition, but regardless of time the ROI continues to be positive for each client that we work with. This cannot be anymore true for the State of Vermont DMV’s online permit drivers course. Designing Digitally, Inc. built the Vermont DMV drivers course in 2010 and it has now been live for a year and a half. The stats are in from this effort and it is apparent that by choosing Designing Digitally, Inc.'s interactive strategy to build the project has paid off. On May 1st,The State of Vermont announced the results of utilizing the module. The State of Vermont's DMV’s Commissioner stated the following in a press release:

“Young people learn more when they are involved with a learning process that is interesting and fun,” said DMV Commissioner Robert Ide. “This has proven to be the case. Since its launch a year and a half ago, the DMV has seen a dramatic increase in the number of individuals demonstrating they have the knowledge required to pass the DMV’s written exam. Prior to the availability of this tutorial, 55% of those individuals who took the DMV written test passed. The pass rate now exceeds 75%. The popularity of the DriveVermont tutorial is also evidenced by the fact it is receiving well over 3,000 visits each month.”

This interactive learning tool can easily be accessed through the Internet on a home PC, which makes it a convenient tool for student drivers to use both by themselves and with the help of family members.

To access the DMV’s online tutorial, visit