Ways to Use eLearning: ELFA Case Study Highlight

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Ways to Use eLearning: ELFA Case Study Highlight

Designing Digitally is proud of the partners we work with and the learning we create together. This week we are highlighting ELFA and the microlearning game-based training that reached over 80% ROI in the first two months of launching and won a Gold Horizon Interactive Award! 

Who is ELFA?

ELFA provides training and resources to its members, who are companies that finance various equipment. The Association’s members join ELFA for their industry insight, support, and robust training. 

The Training Challenge

ELFA needed to update their online training course for those new to equipment finance. The Association sells licenses for the course to its members, so it needed to be engaging, fun, and easily absorbed by employees with little to no background of the industry. Additionally, as laws and regulations change for the industry, ELFA needed the course to be easily updated in order to increase its shelf life.

With these main requirements in mind, ELFA partnered with Designing Digitally to create an eLearning program that allowed for:

  • Access to maintenance and easy updates 

  • Micro-courses that could be completed in 10 minutes

  • Post-training assessments that included learning games

The Training Solution

Seven microlearning courses were created to solve the ELFA challenges, which were built in Storyline 3. The micro lessons were accompanied by a simulation-based game titled “Be the Boss,” built-in Adobe Animate CC 2018. The learner takes on the role of a new employee at Strategic Equipment Leasing and Finance (S.E.L.F.), a fictional equipment finance company. In order to help clients, the player completes activities that mimic on-the-job duties such as making sales and creating price quotes. A key part of the game is identifying the other S.E.L.F. employees they need to work with in order to meet the clients’ needs.

For more information on this learning solution, watch the case study video on our website. Feel free to book a call with us to explore how we could create custom training like this for your team!