Ways to Use eLearning: PING Case Study Highlight

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Ways to Use eLearning: PING Case Study Highlight

Designing Digitally is proud of the partners we work with and the employee training solutions we create together. This week we are highlighting PING and the simulated learning course that helped ensure correct in-store recommendations to customers and custom club fittings, and won a Silver Horizon Interactive Award!

Who is PING?

PING is an American sports equipment manufacturer, popularly known in the golf community for their quality clubs and accessories. They provide products for juniors, men, and women and are based in Phoenix, AZ. 

The Challenge

PING is proud of their fitting process, so they needed a way for full and part-time employees at the golf club and sports stores that sold their products to be able to easily understand and know how to accurately perform it, to ensure the right guidance and information was provided to customers. 

PING partnered with Designing Digitally to create an eLearning simulation that allowed for:

  • Access to training content from any location 

  • Interactive support resources and interactive guides

  • Real-time club and swing measurements 

  • Simulated demonstrations and product testing 

  • Easy updates and expansion

The Solution

Designing Digitally worked closely with PING to craft a simulation that accommodated their in-depth fitting process. Designing Digitally was also able to design an interface that gave users access to informative guides while still taking the training. A key aspect of the simulation was for users to learn how to evaluate a customer’s ball flight and select a club that would give them their desired results. By using the simulation, learners see the effect of using a particular club based on measurements of the customer’s height and wrist-to-floor measurement.

In the end, Designing Digitally and PING created an innovative simulation that was intuitive and precise. To support that, it was awarded the Silver Horizon Interactive award. 

To read more about this training simulation and watch the case study video, view the entire case study. To see how we could create simulated training for your team, book a call with us today and download a copy of our Simulation Training Case Study Highlights today!