What Corporations and Employees Gain From Simulated Training

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Simulated Training

Training simulations are great tools for imparting training to your employees. It is popular because it allows the learners to practice their skills in a real-life environment without the associated risks. Business simulations are highly effective in knowledge recall and retention. That is because your employees are not taught theoretical knowledge but are encouraged to do things themselves. A simulation training is most effective when it is not used as a standalone tool. Instead, combine it with other methods of learning.

Simulated training has several benefits for the learner and the organization. Here are the top five advantages of using business simulations.

#1: Simulations drive positive change in employee behavior.

The body and mind behave in a particular pattern. Driving a positive change in that pattern is a huge achievement. In order to ensure that there is a change in the learning behavior and make it stick, you need to get your employees practice the new behavior on a regular basis. Business simulations are useful tools that can help you achieve this goal in a cost-effective way. Simulations make it easy for the learners to practice as many times as they wish to. They can explore different paths to the same problem and learn from the consequences of their choice. If they find a step difficult, they can repeat it as many times as they wish to.

This is particularly true for organizations that have a large workforce spread across different geographical locations. For these companies, providing face-to-face training will be expensive and cumbersome. Simulations are available online. As long as your employees have access to technology, they can access the training anytime and from anywhere.

#2: Simulations offer immediate feedback.

Guidance should be offered immediately if you want your learners to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. In simulated training, employees receive instant feedback from the platform as well as online instructors. This helps them improve on their weaknesses and get the most out of their strengths. Instant feedback prevents incorrect behaviors to get entrenched in the long-term memory.

#3: Simulations are based on mistake-driven learning.

In a simulated training environment, learners are encouraged to perform tasks exactly the same way they do in their job role. The basic difference from the real atmosphere is that they are allowed to experiment and explore new ways to work. If they make any mistakes it is not held against them because there is no real-world damage. Their actions will not hurt the brand. On the contrary, they are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them.

When an employee commits an error, he receives immediate feedback on it. He is told what went wrong with his decision and how he could have avoided it. He is offered other options to deal with the problem. Every time he makes an error, he is warned. This way he knows what not to do at his real workplace. He can make as many mistakes he wishes to and learns from it.

#4: Simulations help in knowledge retention and recall.

We like fun stuff. If the experience is entertaining, we will remember it and maybe look forward to repeating it. Business simulations are a fun way to learn. If your learners have fun learning something new, they will learn faster and recall better. When they remember what they have learned, they will apply it on their job. This goes a long way in enhancing productivity and yielding positive results.

#5: Simulations are cost effective

Business simulations are cost effective. They may require a high initial investment, but it balances out in the long run. You save a lot of money on travel and accommodation of the learners and the instructors.  You do not have to invest money in training equipment or venue. You create the simulation one time and reuse it as many times you want. Your employees do not need to take out time from their daily job to attend the training. They can go through it during their free time. This way there is no loss in productivity. Overall, you end up saving a lot of money and time.

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