What it Takes For a Business Simulation Developer to Succeed

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Simulations have been used in business and corporate learning for quite some time. If you have not implemented such a strategy for your business, it’s never too late to start. Business simulations create a virtual environment with the same characteristics and feelings of the “real world”, so your team can practice and perfect learned skills and training programs without physically being in the office or their actual environment. 

Simulation learning offers many advantages. Simulations help learners become more engaged and apply pre-existing knowledge within virtual world, which provides an experiential way of learning.

If you are responsible for implementing a simulation for your business, and if you are exploring various options for partnership with a company that understands and implements both eLearning and training simulation, you need to know what it takes for a business simulation developer to succeed. 

Below are the top four things to look for from a business simulation developer when your company is ready to take the jump to revolutionize your existing training program.

  1. Ensure your business simulation developer is available when you need them - even after the program has been launched. 

When you launch a business simulation program for your business, it will ideally run smoothly - from strategy to implementing the tactics, from brainstorming to launch of the program, you may have little to no challenges along the way.

Yet, what happens after your program has launched? What happens if you experience feedback from your users and need to make changes quickly?

It is important to ensure that your business developer is available when you need them. They need to be with you every step of the way - especially after your program’s launch.

2.  Ask the question - have you developed a simulation program for my industry?

Just like when you partner with a marketing agency or accounting firm, it is important to work with a developer that has developed a simulation program for your industry.

If you work in construction, request that your business simulation developer provide you with a case study of eLearning programs from construction. Similarly, if you work in energy or are a public company, request the same. You should look for an experienced partner ready to jump in to revolutionize your training program.

3. Request to see examples of experience with technology that your company currently uses.

Many companies and learners are overwhelmed by new technology platforms, so it is important for your learners to be familiar with the simulation program they will learn.

Yet, perhaps more importantly, it is important that your selected business simulation developer has familiarity with the technology that your company is currently using.

For example, if you are building a simulation around the use of sales technology, such as Salesforce, it is important that your selected developer has a great deal of knowledge around Salesforce. 

Be sure to ask such questions during the interview process.

4. Inquire about your prospective developer’s internal team.

Much like it is important to request case study or applications, to work completed, within your particular industry, it is just as important to inquire about your prospective developer’s internal team.

Ask the development company who is on their team, and what kind of support they offer. For example, if you are working with a small team (one or two individuals) projects and programs might not be completed as quickly as they could be with a larger team. Or if you are working with a team that is perhaps too large, you might lose the one-on-one feeling of customer care and importance. Be sure to ask questions about your prospective developer’s internal team and select a partner you are comfortable and confident with for your partnership.

When making the decision to work with a business simulation developer to build and launch your simulation program, it is important to look for a variety of qualities and skills before signing on the dotted line. From industry experience to the level of communication and service you expect to receive, be sure to ask all of the questions you need prior to making your decision. Designing Digitally, Inc. is a development team who will be here for you and your team every single step of the way.