What to Think About Before Creating a Custom Elearning Experience

Designing Digitally


Custom eLearning Experience

There are a lot of things in the world today that can be customized. Suits, homes, and vehicles are some that immediately come to mind. Most people wouldn’t think about a custom elearning experience.

There are some distinct advantages to having an educational experience that is customized for your specific needs. Before diving into the advantages of custom elearning, it is important to consider a few things.

Think About It

Being able to answer a few simple questions will clarify the purpose of the elearning or serious game.

  • What is the issue that the game is trying to resolve?

    Maybe the problem is an overarching customer service issue, or the sales are not where they need to be. Once the obstacle or obstacles have been identified, it will be easier to move forward with a customized solution.

  • What is the stumbling block for the learners?

    For instance, pinpoint what is keeping the sales people from hitting their goals or what the hiccup in customer service is. This will become a crucial component of the customized elearning tools that are created.

  • What is the end objective of the learning experience?

    Make sure there are clear goals for the completion of the game. If the desired end result is comprehension and utilization of a new sales method, be certain it is clear to the learner that that is their aim.

Once these questions have been answered, the path is much easier to creating custom elearning games for whoever the audience may be.

Advantages of a Tailor-Made Elearning Experience

While the benefits of elearning, in general, have been brought to the forefront more and more in today’s tech savvy world, taking things a step further into a custom elearning scenario is an added bonus.

Here’s Why:

  • The serious game can address issues specific to a certain industry or business.

    The scenarios presented in the game can be made to mimic real-life situations that trainees face in the course of doing their jobs. This real experience cannot be gained from a more generic presentation of information.

  • What is the stumbling block for the learners?The cost is lower.

    Other games can come with hefty licensing and royalty fees. These are avoided in a customized game. While a custom elearning game does have the upfront development costs, the expense over the life of the game is reduced.

  • The feedback and assessment tools are tailored to the specific objectives of the company or business.
  • Updates are quick and easy.

    There is no waiting for a company to come out with a new version but rather, the business itself has the say on when a program needs to be updated.

Creating a unique learning game is a wise choice once a concrete need has been established and the goals and objectives are clear.

A custom elearning experience will result in a better trained, more informed workforce, equipped to handle the requirements of their individual positions within the company.