What's So Great About Custom Elearning Course Development

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custom e learning courses development

Game-based learning has effectively changed the face of modern corporate training. The greater level of engagement motivates learners in a way that traditional methods could not. It isn’t just the motivation that has changed, but also the attitude of the learners. There is an eagerness that is lacking when employees are expected to endure training sessions in a classroom-type setting with a lecture format.

Custom elearning course development goes a step further. Many elearning courses are “off-the-shelf,” meaning they are standardized. Customized elearning courses have all the advantages of regular elearning activities, plus some important added benefits.

Advantages of custom elearning course development

Each company is different and has their own specific aims and needs for training and development of their employees.  

Let’s take a look at some of the distinct benefits custom elearning courses can provide:

  • Smaller focus. Off-the-shelf courses have to cover a broader range of subjects, but a custom course can be fashioned to meet only those objectives that are specific to a certain company. When someone feels that the material they are learning is relevant to them and their job, they are more inclined to pay close attention.
  • Adaptability and mobility. Custom learning games can be accessed from almost anywhere, anytime. This fact alone can save a corporation substantial amounts of money just on travel. The content can also be broken down into smaller, more digestible chunks. In addition, users can work through the material at their own pace, taking the time to be sure they understand each concept
  • Greater rate of retention. A course that has been customized for a specific company’s needs increases the level of engagement by placing the focus on the areas that are the most relevant to the employees. The more involved a player is in a game, the more they will retain the information. This results in the employees being able to apply what they have learned when faced with a real-life scenario.
  • Employees feel more invested in the company. Employees who take courses that have been customized for their company tend to be more loyal to the brand. They are more likely to have a strong work ethic and be dedicated to their jobs, their coworkers, and the business. When someone feels confident that they have been adequately prepared to do their job, they will do it with intentionality and a concern for the reputation of the company.

Looking ahead

Elearning has established its place as a valuable tool for corporations to train their employees. Businesses can take that success a step further with customizing learning games for the specific needs of their workers. Custom elearning course development offers companies a way to train employees in a way that helps them understand their roles more fully and gives them the tools they need to apply what they have learned. Corporate training should become increasingly more individualized and streamlined as game-based learning continues to shift to customized programs.

Contact Designing Digitally, Inc. to learn how they can assist your organization to determine your specific training needs and design customized elearning to meet those needs.  DDI’s proven elearning training methods leads to enhanced productivity, higher employee retention, and increased profitability.