When are Serious Games the Right Choice for Corporate Training?

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When are Serious Games the right choice for corporate training? Those who understand the benefit of game-based learning in the workplace would probably be tempted to answer that question with a resounding, “All the time!” While that’s true in many ways, it doesn’t hurt to look at some specific examples of issues that can be addressed through the use of games.

Serious games got their start as simulations for those training in the medical, military, or aviation fields. The trend has grown exponentially into a risk-free environment for learners in many different industries. The corporate world has become a natural place to take advantage of the many benefits provided by serious games.

5 situations for serious games

Serious games are most commonly used for training in soft skills, which are described as characteristics that enable someone to effectively and harmoniously interact with other people. These skills can only be effectively learned through practice.

There are specific situations that arise in which serious games are a natural remedy.

  • The business is launching products too quickly for employees to learn all the information. A game can be a perfect way to quickly train employees on the ins and outs of a new product. A game can help them memorize all the important facts in a fun way that is more likely to be retained. For example, a matching game can be created that requires employees to match a product with its description. 
  • The current new-hire training isn’t effective. Introducing serious games to the onboarding regimen might be all that is needed to breathe new life into the program. Keeping employees’ attention will greatly increase the amount of knowledge that is retained. When the information is effectively comprehended, it can be properly applied to the correct situations. Learning policies and procedures of the new workplace is important for the successful assimilation of a new employee. The best way to achieve this is by the use of gaming techniques.   
  • Customer interactions are lacking. Customers expect the person they are interacting with to be knowledgeable, but a plethora of information can be too much for an employee to grasp in a short amount of time. Serious games can streamline the information employees are expected to know in order to represent their company well.
  • Becoming comfortable with a new IT system. Learning a new system can be a headache for everyone, but that process can be much smoother when the intricacies are taught through a serious game. Being engaged throughout the learning process encourages a deeper level of understanding.  
  • Compliance issues. Grasping new guidelines and rules to follow can be a bit overwhelming. This is another opportunity for serious games to make information easier to take in, comprehend, and apply. Even when employees understand that information is important, they can still use some help in committing the material to memory.
  • The skills necessary to overcome some of the common issues that arise in a business can be most effectively learned through the use of serious games. Knowledge that is truly grasped will be successfully applied.

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