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With the rise in the millennial workforce, mobile training has been booming for quite some time now. Gartner expects the number of employees using mobile devices to triple within a couple of years. Tecmark conducted a survey of 2000 smartphone users in the UK that revealed users carry out around 221 tasks every day on their mobile device. In comparison, they do only 140 tasks on their laptops and desktops. Google has found that almost 40% of its users use smartphones to search for information.

Organizations have realized the importance of mobile learning and are adopting it with good reason. Mobile training is effective and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It is especially effective to use it for performance support. The investment required for implementing a mobile training strategy is far less than that of a classroom-based approach, which leads to a better ROI.

Where to use mobile training?

Here are five areas where mobile training may be a perfect fit.

Maintenance and operations

Well-maintained equipment ensures that production is uninterrupted in the manufacturing sector. It is important for operators to handle and maintain the equipment in a sound manner. Improper handling can lead to a breakdown in the middle of production. Employees may have been onboarded when they joined the organization, but it is a good practice to keep refreshing their memories. Provide them with short modules on the steps involved in maintaining each piece of equipment or administer tips on best practices. When they have information available at their fingertips, they are less likely to improvise and miss important steps.


Mobile learning is particularly effective for the millennial workforce who are used to working off of their smartphones. When you make bite-sized content available on their mobile devices, they are more likely to be motivated to access it. Shorter modules offered on smartphones also reduce the ability to cram in unnecessary content. New hires are provided only with information that will be useful to them. That way they are more engaged with the content.


Compliance training can be quite dry and boring. Mobile learning offers you the opportunity to jazz it up with elements like videos, gamification, scenarios, social learning, and so on. In addition, this will make access to the training material easier and allow for a more flexible schedule. These elements go a long way in enhancing learner engagement and knowledge retention.


It may be overwhelming for your sales reps to keep up with all of the market trends, product updates, competitor product features, etc.. They also have multiple tasks at hand required to meet the sales target. Since they are mostly on the move, getting them all under one roof for training is a tough task. Mobile learning apps are the best way to upskill them. That way, they can access learning during their free time and at the point-of-need. Being able to go through important information at the exact time they need it boosts the sales group’s confidence and productivity.

Soft skills

Like most other learning, soft skills training works best if your employees are able to apply it. With mobile learning, you have the option to offer them simulation-based soft skills courses. With responsive design, they can practice in the virtual world through various devices and hone their skills without the fear of causing any real-world damages if they fail.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we specialize in creating custom mobile learning solutions that can be accessed directly from your website on any handheld device. We can also design it as an iOs or Android app and deliver it into the app store. Mobile learning is the future of training. Are you equipped?

If your company is interested in mobile learning developments that will improve your corporate training, get in touch with our experts today.

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