Why Business Training Simulations are a Valuable Learning Tool

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We Are Always Learning  

From the moment we are born, we are constantly learning. When we are young, we are in our most curious state because there are so many new things and ideas that we want to explore. Quite often, parents cannot keep up with all of the questions of their children; that is the reason we go to school when we are young. Once we go to school, the entire learning process is different. We are in an environment where we are expected to learn, and for some reason that frustrates many of us. We begin to resist being forced to learn. We become rebellious, and we may see school as the enemy. That can completely derail the learning process. As we get older, we continue to have a need to learn. Some of us may go to higher education, or others may learn a trade by being grandfathered in. Regardless of the way that we learn a skill, we do this in order to support ourselves and our families. Once we learn what we need to know in order to get into the workforce, our career begins. In reality, even after we begin working, we still need to learn.

Learning in the Workplace

As employees, we still have the need to learn and to achieve. The more that we know, the more valuable we can become to our place of work. Knowledge truly is power, and once we have knowledge, it can turn into wisdom when it is put into action. The majority of companies go to great lengths and they invest company funds in order for their employees to get continuing education. These companies may want their employees to brush up on skills that they have already learned, or they may want their employees to learn new skills. Unfortunately, the commonly used model for teaching has proven to be highly ineffective. We try to train adults in the same manner that we train children. In reality, research has shown that the teaching methods that are used for children are not effective, so it stands to reason that the same methods would not be effective in the workplace.

A Revolutionary Teaching Method

Business training simulations can be a valuable learning tool for employers and employees alike. They enable users to learn new skills or brush up on previously learned skills, while being in charge of the learning experience. This type of training offers solutions that are innovative, creative, interactive, and fun. These simulated training approaches help users to build skills, improve knowledge, and get a better understanding of a business' strategic plan. A business simulation allows the user to play interactive games that enable him to make business decisions in a fun and safe environment.

Why Are Business Simulations Effective

Several studies have shown that learners do not retain information if it is not delivered in a way that is interactive and engaging. The same study showed that a learner will only retain 5% of what they hear and 10% of what they read. When it comes to interactive learning, users will retain more than 50% of what they learn. Business simulation is beneficial because it allows a learner to be engaged in the learning process. This is wonderful because when a learner is engaged in the learning process, she does not even realize that she is learning. In that sense, a learner will take herself out of the school mentality, and she will allow herself to enjoy learning. With a learning simulation, a user immediately begins to build new skills, and this allows her to retain and retrieve the skills that she learned. This type of business simulation can prepare a user for real life experiences at work. This means that a user will be able to practice different techniques and be prepared and skilled for the techniques that she will need to use on the job. The great thing about this type of learning is that it also gives analytic information. This will allow a company administrator to keep track of the results of learning. In this way, an administrator can see with real results how the learning process has trained employees.

Never Stop Learning the Right Way

Regardless of who we are, we all love to learn. We just need to learn in ways that are enjoyable. A business training simulation will help users to learn in ways that actually stimulate the mind. Instead of seeing the learning process as arduous and boring, it becomes engaging and fun. When learning is fun, we begin to learn like a small child. New ideas and concepts are intriguing and inviting. When we enjoy the way that we learn, we retain the Information learned, and this allows us to thrive and grow. Learning should never stop, we just have to find the best ways to keep our minds engaged. Training simulations are proven to help a learner to retain, enjoy, and excel.

Designing Digitally creates custom business training simulations that are tailored to the specific needs of your learners and organizations. To learn more about the many benefits this learning approach can bring to your company’s training strategies, contact our team today!