Why Cutting Corners in eLearning Development Doesn't Save Money

Designing Digitally


There are lots of ways that businesses, schools, or government agencies offering online learning opportunities can cut their overhead costs. You may initially think about buying a software package that promises to allow you to do virtually anything in respect to eLearning development. However, just because there is the software available doesn't mean it is a good idea. Many companies, organizations, and agencies attempt to design their own eLearning modules only to find out they have spent considerable time, money and effort for a very low quality final product.

Experience Counts

Designing and developing eLearning modules and programs takes experience and a very particular set of skills. It is not just about putting information online; it is about creating an enjoyable, fun and entertaining learning experience for the participants. At Designing Digitally, Inc. our specialization is designing virtual training modules, simulations, serious games and virtual worlds. You simply cannot get that experience though using a software program no matter how comprehensive it may be.

Experience also counts in knowing what your target audience finds engaging, entertaining and useful. This means that the eLearning developers have to have their finger on the pulse of what gaming and technology components can be used in the eLearning experience to ensure it is cutting edge and up to the expectations of the learners. If you put together a module on your own using the basic technology it is going to be out of date and behind the times before it ever comes online.

Building in the Entertainment Factor

The reason that most entities that use eLearning modules and game-based training is because these types of learning experiences are more interactive, less costly for long term use and have a higher satisfaction level for the target audience than traditional types of training and teaching. The higher satisfaction factor for the learner has to do with the entertainment aspect of an online learning experience. Adding serious games, virtual worlds and simulations make the entire training more like a video game, which is a familiar entertainment option for people of all ages.

Unless you are a game developer, incorporating the entertainment component in a do-it-yourself type of eLearning software program is far too technical. Instead you will end up relying on the standard program offered by the software, which is the same as everyone else's eLearning program. Using a professional designing company provides you with the option to fully customize the eLearning program to create a unique, one of a kind training experience that is developed solely with your learning objectives and the target audience in mind.

Creating the eLearning Experience

Anyone that had participated in any type of game based training that wasn't professionally developed by specialists in the technology can tell you what was wrong with the game itself. Often the biggest problems reported is that there is no cohesive flow to the game and it doesn't address the learning objectives that it intended to cover. We have the experience that is needed to make the eLearning experience pleasant and captivating for the learner while ensuring the learning objectives are met.

Your web-based training will be designed by our team to provide choices to user, give information in a structured manner, and to provide the learning opportunities that you want included. The way that the game flows will be entirely customized to your needs. Attention to every detail of the learner's experience is our specialization. This is certainly different than simply using a template which only provides so many options and learning experiences which may or may not make sense with your specific training requirements.

We think of all the little things that you haven't. No detail is overlooked in the design and this ensures that the final product exceeds your expectations. Everything is considered when we work through the design and development including sound effects, backgrounds, additional features and elements to the learning experience.

This framework for the eLearning experience and attention to each detail on every screen is just one of the many features that the professional eLearning developers at Designing Digitally, Inc. focuses on when creating the perfect match for your eLearning program. These professionals have years of experience in developing all types of training for small to large companies, organizations, schools and agencies.

Cheap is Not Better

Trying to envision, create and develop your own eLearning module will not result in a professional, high quality end product. While you may be able to get the basics done, dealing with the inevitable glitches, problems and issues that arise when the module actually goes live is more than most people can manage. In addition, as a developer you tend to focus in on what you like in an eLearning experience which may not be same technologies and options that your target audience for the training wants, needs or enjoys.

What you are most likely to end up with is a training program that is web-based but not entertaining, engaging or effective. You have spent hundreds of dollars in software and hundreds of hours in development all for an eLearning module that is limited at best in its actual appeal.

Working with the professionals at Designing Digitally, Inc. can prevent all these problems. Your information, your feedback and your ideas can be incorporated into the eLearning module but our experienced team of professionals will handle all the design, development and technical details. What you will end up with is an eLearning module that functions just as anticipated, runs without any glitches or problems and is set at a level that includes all relevant, new technology to provide a high level of both information and entertainment for the learner.

This combination is sure to keep learners coming back for more and also provides you with the option to continue to do your job while we do ours. You will have a high rate of return on your investment in the training without any worries, hassles and the need to spend time learning about web-based development while also trying to do your own job.