Why Game Based Learning?

Designing Digitally


Game based learning has revolutionized the way CEOs and professors teach their employees and students. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons why game based learning is so effective. But first, what is game based learning? Game based learning (GBL) is using game style play while working toward a specific learning objective. Not to be confused with gamification, game based learning is using a game to teach, whereas, gamification is incorporating game elements (badges, points, achievements) in a non game setting.

Offers Greater ChallengesGame Based Learning Simulation

Studies have suggested incorporating challenges into the learning process can offer a great deal of motivational benefits. Hence, why people can play games for hours on end and not get bored - they’re forced to adapt, learn, and grow their skills in order to reach the next level (which in turn, builds up cognitive function). These challenges lead to greater satisfaction when the time comes that they are able to proceed to the next level. Same goes for challenges in education.

Game Based Learning Engages Emotionally

Have you ever wondered how, after participating in something that you really loved, time seemed to move so quickly? It’s because you were emotionally engaged. When people play video games, the same phenomenon is occurring. When you’re emotionally engaged, you’re more focused, which in turn, can help you learn more efficiently. Using game based learning for your corporate training can have the same benefits; engaging and entertaining the audience, while educating them as well.

Provides Freedom for Failure

In the real-world situations, experiencing too much pressure can dampen your performance, sap your confidence, and cause you to lose touch with your ability to think critically. After all, events in life can never be “reset” if you’ve failed. Fortunately, those who play video games don’t experience this problem in games - they can simply start a level over if they do not succeed.

This encourages them to take more risks and make more mistakes, which is essential to the learning process. Using game based features in your online training works in the same fashion, allowing learners freedom to fail, and thus, grow.

Game Based Learning Caters to the Learner

If two people were to play the same video game, each would have a different experience. Like video games, learning in a classroom requires personalization for each individual person. After all, not all students absorb information at the same rate, or even learn in the same way. Game based learning provides a way for users to experience the results of various actions and learn as they go.

Ways People Learn

When someone is motivated, they are able to focus and learn nearly anything. But the reward needs to be significant and relevant enough to that person to make it worthwhile. For someone to effectively learn, frequent and consistent practice is also required. Additionally, giving properly-timed feedback can reinforce their confidence when learning something new. Game based learning incorporates these factors into a learning process that is sure to reach your objectives. To discover more about how game based learning can improve your online training, contact us today.