Why Game-Based Simulation Works for eLearning

Designing Digitally


In today’s world, everyone’s a gamer.

Or at least 72 percent of American households are, according to a research study released by the Entertainment Software Association this year.

That number has risen nearly 10 percent in only two years, as another ESA study shows 65 percent of Americans were playing video games in 2009.

The growth of the industry is no surprise. Gaming is the modern American pastime. It’s entertaining, interactive and it lets you explore new worlds right from your own home. And, as the eLearning field is quickly finding out, game-based learning is perfect for training, too.

Game-based simulation training transforms traditional learning into an immersive and inviting eLearning environment. Whether you’re trying to train employees or teach online students, this type of atmosphere works because your learners are becoming active participants, rather than just passive listeners, in absorbing information. A fun and competitive game-based simulation gets them interested in the material faster and excited about the unique approach to learning it.

And it’s an approach that’s not going away anytime soon. Marketing consultants at Apply Group predict big futures for game based simulation in eLearning, as the ESA details their forecast that

“at least 100 of the global Fortune 500 companies will use gaming to educate their employees by 2012.”

Why wouldn’t you want to take a hint from the major players? Let Designing Digitally, Inc. help you hop on board with game-based simulation development that compliments your eLearning strategy. Take it from our clients; we’ve worked with a wide range of companies and industries that have been more than satisfied with our development team. See what they have to say about us.