Why Gamification Works in the World of Business

Designing Digitally


Gamification is being used more and more in the workplace to engage professionals at every level. Characterized by the various elements of game playing, such as scoreboards, a reward system, or point scoring, gamification works by encouraging participation in many different ways. As one of the main challenges for enterprises is to keep employees engaged and motivated, using measurable gaming elements is a great way to increase interest, and it allows you to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. When used in the workplace, gamification is an important tool because it brings behavior-motivating techniques and elements to an inherently game-free environment. From the human resources department to employee training and performance management, gamifying your workplace is a great way to increase growth and interest from your employees and customers alike.

Benefits of Gamification in the Workplace

GamificationWhile it can be hard for many business-minded people to take a step back and look at how gaming can be beneficial in the workplace, it is important that they do so. Gamification is not only benefiting and playing a role in the overall growth and success of an enterprise, but it is a tool to effectively engage both customers and employees. Gamification has had a positive impact on improving and enhancing customer engagement, which is an important piece to any business plan. In the work environment, gaming elements are being used to make mundane tasks more interesting for employees. By incorporating gaming principles into daily work tasks and training practices, you will be giving a boost to these routine tasks that many people find boring and hard to get excited about. Not only will your employees notice the difference in the way workplace tasks are being presented, but they will want to be a part of it. As gamification is essentially an art that works by applying game theory to non-game contexts, it is helping to create a work environment that fosters creativity, engagement, and collaboration.

How Gamification Can Be Used In The Workplace

In order to be successful in using gaming elements to encourage and engage employees, it is important to place a lot of emphasis on the design and development phase of the process. Coming up with a player-centric design is an integral aspect of bringing gamification into your business environment. Using gaming elements to get at business and player/employee objectives is the best way to find success with this technique. An example of how to use gamification in the workplace is to use gaming elements to reward project completion. With this, implementing certain game-like features, such as awarding badges or points, are used to reward employees for completing certain tasks. This strategy aims to incentivize employees to work their way through many tedious and challenging tasks that often create disinterest and procrastination in people. Gamification encourages employee engagement, and it helps people feel as though they and their job have a purpose.

Gamification can cut across generations, levels of organization, and the many different approaches that people typically take with workplace tasks. Gaming elements are impactful to customer engagement as well as in motivating employees. Gamifying the workplace is helping to alleviate the traditional isolated approach towards achieving goals that we are used to. It breeds camaraderie, healthy competition, and a desire in employees to want to do well and participate in various trainings and routine, everyday tasks that are necessary to the operation of any business. Contact us today for information regarding Gamification for Business!