Why Mobile Learning is Gaining Interest in the Workplace

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Why Mobile Learning is Gaining Interest in the Workplace

Mobile learning has proved its worth to business time and again. It has made lives easier for most corporate learners, who are on the move and unable to dedicate specific times for training. The super busy workforce love convenience and that is what mobile learning provides. It is no surprise that mobile learning is gaining popularity amongst learning decision makers in various organizations.

Here are five reasons why mobile learning is being embraced by most organizations.

#1: Motivates Employees

Mobile learning is an excellent alternative to attending a classroom training program after an already busy and stressful day. Employees have complete freedom to schedule their training when and wherever they want. They are not bound to take the training at a physical location and they love the flexibility. They are more willing to go through a training on their own terms. And, this is a great motivation for them to keep learning.

#2: Provides immediate learner feedback

Mobile learning facilitates instant feedback. Learners can ask their questions and get them resolved on-the-go. This flow of instant communication has its own benefits. You get to gauge the complexities of your system. And, your employees get to learn about their mistakes as soon as they make it. As a result, they will avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

#3: Provides performance support

Suppose your employees need help while completing a particular task they learned before. What will they do? Connect with an expert or seek help from a peer who knows what to do. But it may not always be possible. What if the employee is at the client site? What if the expert is unavailable? If you have a mobile learning strategy in place, you only need to access your device and obtain whatever performance support information you need. You can provide support knowledge in the form of a video, audio, podcast, pdf, apps, and many more. Mobile platform usually supports all of them.

#4: Makes use of employee downtime

The flexibility and accessibility of mobile learning is a huge benefit. Your employees are able to utilize  pockets of downtime to access training. Utilizing downtime to improve skills increases employee productivity. Design learning nuggets in small chunks. Mobile devices support bite-sized learning. A motivated employee will use his or her downtime on learning, if you allow them the freedom and flexibility to choose. And, that is what mobile learning does.

There has been a sudden and rapid growth in the usage of mobile phones over the past decades. By 2020, mobile devices will be the primary device for staying connected. If you do not want to lag behind technologically, then you should gear up now to align your training needs to this trend.

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