Why is Responsive Design Important for the Improvement of Mobile Learning Platforms?

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Improvement of Mobile Learning Platforms

With the developments in different sectors, being able to utilize technology to its fullest potential is important for anyone who wants to grow and improve their professional skill set. Learning and developing one’s skill has never been easier and the internet has played a significant role in this. Even though the internet has become a must in almost every corporate work environment, the devices that one uses them on aren’t always the same. Employees at the same company may prefer different mediums through which they like to work and can use different things to be able to conduct the tasks that they do. For example, some employees would prefer to work on a phone or a tablet, while some prefer working on a desktop or a laptop. Having different mediums through which one can conduct their tasks is important because it allows for more flexibility at the workplace.

The task of helping employees learn generally falls on the training manager at the company. These professionals typically create training plans for employees to complete in order to improve their skills and enhance their contributions to the company.

Mobile employee training is one strategy that has proven to be incredibly useful and effective in helping employees perform better at the workplace. If you are someone who offers a number of training courses, you want your employees to learn on the platform that they feel the most comfortable with. Because of how popular internet usage has become on mobile devices, it is becoming more important for trainers to include mobile versions of their training courses that could be used on these devices.

Understanding Responsive Web Design

Efficient incorporation is essential for trainers who want to have effective training programs that employees would be interested in. Responsive Web Design is a medium of content creation that can be used on a number of different digital devices. This entails making a single application or website that is designed to be able to run smoothly across a number of devices. The design should ideally maintain the display resolution so as not to make the content appear stretched. It also entails proper resizing of text to be able to make it more readable across a number of devices.

Why Is Responsive Design Important

While there are a number of devices that individuals opt to use, the mobile is one device that you should be paying attention to when trying to incorporate good design. Because of how common this piece of technology is, it is incredibly important to pay attention to the proper integration of a site for this platform. Here are some of the reasons why training managers should learn more about responsive design and try to incorporate it for their own mobile employee training programs.

1. Wider Use Of Mobiles
A year ago, Smart Insights decided to conduct research outlining the mobile usage in the United States. The findings showcased that individuals who use the internet tend to spend an average of 2.8 hours a day through their mobile phones and only 2.4 hours a day on a computer. Because the rate of internet usage is higher on mobile devices, it is important to include this medium when trying to create learning platforms to increase the overall reach. This usage is also another reason why mobile employee training has become so important.

2. Helps Improve Resizing
When designing any kind of app or website, you want it to have a good interface that looks appealing and is easy to use. Mobile phones have smaller screens, and therefore, the size of the content needs to be downscaled. Brands are also constantly releasing mobile phones of different sizes, which is why making mobile learning solutions easy for all to read across different phone types and sizes is important. Responsive Mobile Learning allows the user to aptly create designs that can scale to the size of the phone, eliminating the need to manually create individual designs for each phone size.

3. Is More Economical
Creating a good and easy to use platform is no simple task, especially when incorporating it into mobile learning solutions. However, trying to integrate it across multiple platforms individually can cost you a considerable amount of money if you aren’t familiar with good responsive design and how it can be used. Understanding the different elements of responsive design and responsive mobile learning can help you cut down the time you spend making these platforms significantly, which can, in turn, reduce your costs by a large margin.

4. Improves Overall Experience
An important part of a good mobile learning strategy is creating an interface that is easy to use and enjoyable to look at. Employees don’t want to constantly go onto a site that isn’t optimized well or has a bad interface. Having good responsive mobile learning allows you to create a site that works well across all platforms while improving the overall user experience at the same time. For a good mobile learning strategy that works well for the employees, knowing the intricacies of responsive design is incredibly important.

There is no doubt that good mobile learning solutions can be very beneficial for the growth of an employee, and incorporating good responsive mobile learning can speed up the process of development that the company experiences.

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